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    Default hypnose pour homme or v by valentino

    Happy New Year to all. I am stuck on which fragrance to make my winter signature scent, Hypnose pour homme or V by Valentino? I have smelled both and both seem lovely. There isn't much feedback on either of these scents on the site, but I recall responding to a review on Hypnose and wondering how it could smell like a cross between Joop! and Farenheit based on its notes. Surprisingly, however, it does share some of each of the respective frag's qualities; the fruityness of Joop! and some of the mossiness of Farenheit. When I first smelled Valentino last year I found it powerful but not all that to my liking although everybody else I asked seemed to like it and i came across it again, and there is something about it that I now find appealing. I would love any feedback or remarks on comparisons of these frags or even on their own.
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    Default Re: hypnose pour homme or v by valentino

    I prefer V to Hypnose... I find something extremely powdery about Hypnose that becomes overwhelming... both are sweet ambery cool weather fragrances... but the V strikes me as less cloying, though I'm not sure I'd turn to either fragrance...

    Silver Shadow by Davidoff is another fragrance that falls in the same type of category... might be worth a sniff...

    If you have not had a chance, give Arpege for men a try.... in my opinion it blows these other fragrances away... soft, powdery, sweet, classy, sensual.. distinct.. If you like any of the aforementioned fragrances.. I find Arpege to be an elegant alternative..

    hope this helps.. happy hunting!


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    Default Re: hypnose pour homme or v by valentino

    i have silver shadow and i fingd it to be in the category of v and if interested in it.

    My opinion is that hypnose is better. On me V smells like blue cotton candy, but oddly it smells like what u might have smelled like as a kid walking out of chuck e. cheese or showbiz...its crazy i know, but i get blue cotton candy with a strange waft of cheese pizza...but not the kind you are eating, but the scent that attaches to your clothes as you walk out of a place you have been eating it(namely chuck e. cheese)...strange huh?

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