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    Default Is anyone familiar with MPG Paris EDT?

    Several years ago, I received an official company sample labelled: "MPG" (in script), below that "Paris", below that "eau de toilette". It is a vetiver scent.

    I have searched the internet and some sample purchasing sites, but cannot find an MPG scent named "Paris".

    Could this have been a Paris exclusive? Or a limited edition?

    If any of you are familiar with this scent, I'd like to know your opinion and your ideas on where it might be available for purchase. Thank you for any assistance!

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    Default Re: Is anyone familiar with MPG Paris EDT?

    I think I can explain this, but I'm afraid it won't be very helpful. Paris is likely not the scent name; it's just where MPG is based. On all of the MPG carded samples I've seen, the individual fragrance name is only written on the card. All of the vials are marked the same. So if the cards and vials become separated, you are going to be playing detective. If it is a very strong, dirty, earthy and to my nose scortched vetiver, I'd bet it was Route du Vetiver.

    Can't resist a chance to google- Fleur des Comores, Racine and Parfum d'Habit are your other possibilities.
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    Default Re: Is anyone familiar with MPG Paris EDT?

    And, if it is a citrus/vetiver scent (similar to L'Artisan's Vetiver) it is Racine.

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    Default Re: Is anyone familiar with MPG Paris EDT?

    The name of the scent should be on the side edge of the sample card.
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    Default Re: Is anyone familiar with MPG Paris EDT?

    Thank you so very much for explaining! I suspect it is the Racine.

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