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    Default Would you please kindly give opinions?

    Thanks for taking a look.

    I'm going to buy three fragrances which will be blind buys...yes I know I know, but I can't find these to test anywhere and have stopped looking. The reasons why I am thinking of making three of these the ones I will buy, together with the fragrances, are bellow.

    1) Opium Homme EDT (more likely) or EDP (can't find for UK online) - YSL (Heard many times that it is a good oriental, and it also has a good following)

    2) Grey Flannel - Geoffreybeene (I'm intrigued, and would like to try something old/classic...)

    3) Claiborne Sport - Liz Claiborne (I want something clean/fresh, it's cheap, very rare here in the UK, and it has a small following considering it's a Claiborne).

    4) Twice - Iceberg (cheap and cheerful, and I heard it's very good especially for the price)

    I set myself the task of steadily expanding my wardrobe, and so have only been reading, testing and learning for the last three months, or there abouts.

    I'm based outside london so it's very tricky finding these in the shops. I did not intend for two of them (Claiborne and Twice) to be cheap, but I can't resist a good buy... that is if you basenoters consider them to be.

    I have a good idea of what people like on this forum, but if anyone has any other suggestions for better buys (don't worry about price) then I am grateful for them. Especially in the fresh/clean area I am delving into with Claiborne Sport.

    ONE more thing. Just to be unbiased, PRETEND that the fragrances are rare, and from a different house (particularly for Claiborne Sport - I'm in England remember, people haven't heard of Claiborne let alone smell then on many people everyday)

    Cheers BN-ers.
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    Default Re: Would you please kindly give opinions?

    Personally I wouldn't buy Opium Homme blindly, because it's a strong, spicy scent. It smells like an Asian Drug store if the smell is not right for your nose.
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    Default Re: Would you please kindly give opinions?

    claiborne sport is the only one i would reccomend for a blind buy

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    Smile Re: Would you please kindly give opinions?

    I have tried all that you mentioned except Claiborne Sport and to me, they are all worthy choices. It's true that Opium Homme may come in too strongly so I also suggest that you test it before you buy. Iceberg Twice is currently on my rotation and although it's cheap, it draws my respect. It can hold its own and do battle with the rest in my wardrobe from better houses. Gray Flannel, as its name connotes, is almost the perfect gentleman fragrance I know that comes from the '70s. It can be formal, but not too stiff. If I can, I should pay it another call. This is one thing I am starting to learn in BN ... paying a visit to old friends that have made up your past. Gray Flannel is one such.
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    Default Re: Would you please kindly give opinions?

    I love and recommend Opium Pour Homme (find the EdP, it's worth it) and Grey Flannel.

    I've never smelled Claiborne Sport or Twice...but something tells me there has to be better 'cheap and cheerful' and 'light and fresh' fragrances than these two. Two that come to mind immediately are: Hypnose Homme by Lancome and Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene.
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    Default Re: Would you please kindly give opinions?

    Out of the four you mentioned, I could only recommend Grey Flannel and Claiborne Sport for blind buys since they're pretty safe scents. People either like them or they're indifferent, but I never heard anybody say that they hate them. Personally, Claibone Sport is one of my favorites. I think it's an under rated fresh scent that many people overlook. As for Opium Homme and Iceberg Twice, you either love them or hate them IMO, since they are daring fragrances that stand out more. If you do buy them blind, I hope you're on the side that loves them.
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    Default Re: Would you please kindly give opinions?

    Opium is the only one I love and recommend without doubt from this list.

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    Default Re: Would you please kindly give opinions?

    Thanks guys.

    I'm either going to exclude Grey Flannel or Opium from the list, and then go ahead and order. I'm afraid Opium will be a bit too stong, and grey flannel a bit too 'gentlemanly'. It's not that I don't want to give off that vibe (and I don't care as long as I like it) but it might be a bit too out of place with my peers. We're all 18 and 19.


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    Default Re: Would you please kindly give opinions?

    I'd recommend Grey Flannel. I've worn it for years and it is definitely the scent I reach for in any occasion, or mood.

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    Default Re: Would you please kindly give opinions?

    I've tried those 4 frags. IMO, Sport is even stronger than Opium in terms of sillage. I immediately get a headache out of it, even though it smells is soft and fresh. Opium would be good for later purchases but not if its is going to be your everyday frag. Flannel is one of those frags that you should not sniff close as it may come too harsh to the nose. However, if you let the scent linger it will be a great floral. Twice... good cheapo, best mint, but rather forgettable.

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    Default Re: Would you please kindly give opinions?

    The only one I have or have even tested is Flannel....I personally really like it. It should be a pretty safe bet. (BTW, I got it blind as well)

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    Default Re: Would you please kindly give opinions?

    Welcome to basenotes.
    I dont recommend buying any of these 4 blindly. Specially Opium, which is something that you MUST try before buy. I'm 26, and I prefer to test and think about "Opium Eau D'Orient" instead of original one.
    And there is a great classic in your list: Grey Flannel. I consider Fahrenheit a newer re-interpretation of it, so from a practical point of view I prefer to go for Fahrenheit, which I own and appreciate.
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