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    Red face Gap "Om" smell-alike?

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a "smell-alike" of the discontinued GAP fragrance "Om"? The fragrance had an intensely musk-like, spicy, woody scent with Asian sensibilities. It was marketed as a women's perfume, but it had a somewhat masculine quality.

    This review ( gives a more detailed description of the fragrance's quality and retail history. Please respond with any ideas.

    thank you!

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    Default Re: Gap "Om" smell-alike?

    Try Envy for Men by Gucci. When my boss wears it, the middle notes and drydown smell like Om to me (I wore Om for years).

    If this doesn't work for you, keep your eye out for cinnamon prominent scents - which is the base of Om's particular unique smell. Or better yet, stick around Basenotes, sometimes a bottle goes up for sale here or there ever so often.
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    Default Re: Gap "Om" smell-alike?

    I was curious about this scent, but it's so expensive on eBay...but at least you can still find it there.

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    Default Re: Gap "Om" smell-alike?

    Nu EDP by YSL smells similar. It's pretty hard to find something that smells like this stuff. But if I was looking for a substitute I'd definatley go with NU EDP

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    Default Re: Gap "Om" smell-alike?

    I think CKBe kinda smells like Om, same era certainly!
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    Default Re: Gap "Om" smell-alike?

    Just thought I'd throw this out there - there's a bottle of Om for sale here:

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    Default Re: Gap "Om" smell-alike?

    I miss Om so much, I've saved the last few sprays at the bottom of my first bottle for years and I just shelled out $110 on ebay for it. (Don't judge me. =P) The only thing I've found that's similar is Love & Luck by Ed Hardy. It's MUCH warmer, but it's got the same kind of Asian musk tone. I really wish they hadn't discontinued Om. It's amazing.

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