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    If you already went on the first date and she seemed to like being near you (near enough to smell you ) then wear the same cologne. If you continue to go out she will (hopefully) always remember your scent. I would change after a few dates since you say you like to rotate scents.
    thanks for the advice...
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    Default Re: Have a first date tonight

    I wore Nightflight alot the first few months I was with my girlfriend (been with her ~ 11 months now). Now my bottle seems to have turned, or my skin has just majorly dried out in summer.. and it only lasts about 90 mins max on me. But on the very, very odd occaision that I do wear it, she ALWAYS comments and will always snuggle as close as possible to me, and keep sniffing my neck and chest :P

    So if you can see this relationship going somewhere, wear only the 1 scent for the first few weeks / months, then start to rotate stuff up again (as I do now). When its a significant date, when you havent seen her for a week or so, or when you feel like 'treating' her so to speak, spray Brit (or whichever scent you decide on making your daily for the next few weeks /months) on :P

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