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    I just finished watching an episode of the King of Queens from Season 7 episode 9 called "Cologne Ranger". I thought it was one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. It's very rare to see an entire episode about fragrances. However, during this episode, I was trying to figure out if the cologne talked about was a real fragrance or just a made-up name. They actually mention two different fragrances:
    The first is called "Midnight Steel". I didn't see it listed on the website, so I assume it is a made-up cologne.
    The second started with Federico or Fredericko or something like that and the last part of the name was "Demali" or "Denali". Has anybody seen the episode (if you haven't you ought to...let me know, I can probably help you out), and are either of these colognes real?? Thanks.

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    I have seen the episode some time ago and I agree it was funny. Thought of Basenotes while I was watching it. I am 99.99% sure those fragrances don't exist. In the story I believe Carrie wouldn't let Doug wear his new cologne because of how much attention he was getting. She wanted him to go back to his old standby (can't remember which was old and new). I kept thinking his old cologne would have smelled like Drakkar Noir. Don't know why and the newer would have smelled like an ADG clone. Basenotes is affecting me, lol.

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    You got the story right....Midnight Steel was the old and the other the new. I spent a little while trying to figure out if it was real scents or not and I'm also quite sure they are fake names.

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