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    If not now, when?

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    Default Cinnabar parfum version

    Shannon (shadesofbleu) was kind enough to send me some Cinnabar (Eau de Parfum...I think) to play around with, since I got lots of recommendations on my Cinnamon thread on the mens board, and one of them was Cinnabar (and it's brother scent: J.H.L.)

    I tried it and found some particular aldehyde a little annoying to my nose (almost oily) - although the drydown I find slightly comforting. Maybe I was expecting more spice? Anyway, I tried it and moved on to try JHL (I have a sample untouched in my wardrobe).

    I rarely see the parfum on the Estee Lauder counters (well, except around the holidays) so I have never smelled it. However, I just read a blog online that commented the Cinnabar Parfum is an alotogether different scent - much more rich and spicy, perhaps gentler. Does anyone agree / disagree?
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    Default Re: Cinnabar parfum version

    Hey Mike!

    You know I sampled Cinnabar in the store a couple of weeks ago. It has been so long since I've smelled it. I don't know what they did to my precious Cinnabar, but whatever it was I smelled didn't smell anything like what I remember. Did they change it? Now, it smells like Youth Dew mixed with cinnamon or nutmeg. The dry down was awful on me. I was so upset because I had planned on getting a bottle for old time sake. I may have to give it another shot. The dry down on me use to be soooo amazing. It turned sweet and spicy on me. I could always smell it through out the day. It would last forever. I don't think I've smelled JHL.
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    Default Re: Cinnabar parfum version

    I've never even seen Cinnabar parfum, although I'm sure it exists- somewhere.

    A kind perfume-angel sent me a small decant of Cinnabar, although I'm not sure of the concentration. I had tried it long ago and found the dryout "difficult" on my chemistry so had dismissed it. With this decant though, I find myself really enjoying it. I tried it side, by side with Opium and found I liked Cinnabar better. It's spicy/dry in the final stages and I find I prefer it to Opium's sweeter dryout.

    Now, I have heard that Cinnabar has been reformulated, so have been reluctant to get a bottle of my own.

    Good luck finding the parfum. I would certainly like to try that too.
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    Default Re: Cinnabar parfum version

    Hi, I had Cinnabar pure parfum, very spicy Opium or maybe Youth Dew-like and very hard to wear like all old EL scents. Just a tinny drop is enough for all day long. I used to wear it for night. To my opinion, closest comparison to Youth Dew pure parfum.

    Hope it helped

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    Default Re: Cinnabar parfum version

    I'm not sure, but I think my grandmother used to buy the Cinnabar in solid perfume form back in the late Seventies or early Eighties.

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