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    Red face Question for The Nose

    Hello everybody. And really the very best- interesting- new -calm- special day to you.

    I have a question for this beautiful and smells-educated community.

    I love the smell of petunia and nicotiana.
    For me those smells remind me of the most beautiful days of my childhood. They give me a lot of energy and remind of first love and happiness.

    And the question is : Do you know any perfume that contains these smells?
    Or may be some other composition, but smells like or close to petunia or nicotiana.

    With my best wishes,

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    You might have success with fragrances that declare notes of datura and tobacco blossom if nicotiana and petunia are not listed. Datura has the sweet/earthy spice of petunia as well as the warmth. It is, however, not as sharp. Could you describe the nicotiana flowers that you remember as a child? Nicotiana has several varieties and each has a different scent. I have grown N. alatis, N. sylvestris and others and each has a signature fragrance. There is, however, a binding note to them all and it is the rich sweet warmth of tobacco.

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    2 to try
    Fresh- Tobacco Flower (resembles a night blooming nicotiana)
    I Profumi di Firenze- Tabacco (much more about the flower than about cured tobacco leaf)
    Petunia? I can't say.

    Just googled a bit. Most modern petunias have little scent but some old varieties may resemble nicotiana, oriental lily and jasmine.
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    Not so, I am afraid. Regular Petunias from Home Depot were doing fine here in 100 degree heat, blooming and smelling in the evenings. They need water, that's all! Try my SotD Aubusson Histoire d'Amour or Houbigant Demi Jour, but they are both complex chypre bouquets, not soliflores.

    Night blooming tabac is another story -- I have not smelled the real flower for over a decade! -- and I need more suggestions too. Nothing in common with Datura, IMHO.
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    Petunia scent! Now there's a great idea! What an underrrated flower with a very heady fragrance. I'd go for it.
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