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    Default Nasomatto Silver musk review:Luckyscent's latest mens frag

    I just got this one in the mail and i was excited because i am a musk freak. I have either owned or tried the following: Kiehls, Lorenzo Villoressi, SMN, Narcisso Rod, Helmut Lang, Malin and Goetz, musc kublai kahn, etc...

    Luckyscent, as always, has a great writer for their scents...however this one falls short of the mark. It smells like gold dial soap...sort of what everyone says that SMN GOld Musk smells like, though i have not tried that one. This is a very unimpressive frag and at 125 bucks, you might as well get a bunch of decants of Kublai Kahn or get your european friend to score you a belljar...because that musk is worth the money.

    Dont waste your time on this very light, very etherial, gold soap frag....steer clear men!

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    Default Re: Nasomatto Silver musk review:Luckyscent's latest mens frag

    Disappointed to hear about Nasomatto Silver Musk, because I really love their other fragrances for men so much. I am impressed with such a great new line that manages to stay unique and not copy other fragrances out there. I have to admit that when sampling Nasomatto when I first saw it, Silver Musk was quickly forgotten and I can not even recall a hint of the fragrance - your weak experience confirms that it may be too subtle to make a statement.

    But, I have to give some applause to their other mens fragrances that I tried. Absinthe and Hindu Grass are truly great fragrances, in my opinion. Absinthe is a deep spice vetiver with a haunting absinthe opening for the earthy vetiver drydown. Not a light absinthe at all, but definitely a wonderful scent.

    Hindu Grass is the most ethereal patchouli fragrance I've tried and quickly became my favorite pathcouli. Instead of balancing the patchouli with amber, vanilla or sandalwood like so many patch fragrances do, the Hindu Grass soars through the clouds with subtle grass and green floral notes. The effect is to highlight the ethereal aspect of patchouli by joining the high notes in harmony rather than contrasting with sweetness. I love this one.

    Duro is also a strong silent type spice/incense that smells like a minimal version of oud incense but without rose, heavy spice, citrus etc like most other oud fragrances. A warm but very deep incense oud with slight bit of ginger? Very masculine and memorable.

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    Default Re: Nasomatto Silver musk review:Luckyscent's latest mens frag

    Thanks for those impressions buzzlepuff. I agree with everything you said. These scents are all extraits too, so their lasting power is excellent with appropriate sillage. I remember the first time I sniffed this line at Barneys last October, I was very impressed. The packaging is also quite nice IMO.

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    Default Re: Nasomatto Silver musk review:Luckyscent's latest mens frag

    Tried it at Barneys. Very nouveau transparent style. Expensive version of Bvlgari PH. Nice to my mind, but not worth the $$$, by Bvlgari instead.
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