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    Default Rochas Man

    Im thinking of blind buying this for a good price. What can you tell me about it? I read that girls love it and the longevity is good. Is it an ok scent for a day in high school and casual wear? Looking for just some overall opinions and comments
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    I love Rochas Man. I would thoroughly read the reviews on this one (now that they're back up!). It is a terrific daytime winter scent...very sweet though. It smells very sugary with slight coffee and chocolate notes. It's a gourmand for certain...smells completely edible...but not in that over-the-top Amen sort of way. It's very smooth. Just please take it easy on the really does work best in light doses. Hope that helps!

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    Rochas Man is one of my favorite gourmand fragrances... I don't find it overly rich and I think it's a lavender note.. that makes it almost silky/smooth in its feel. I owned Bonds New Haarlem which is very similar to Rochas Man... but I much prefer the cheaper Rochas version. It doesn't possess the thick gooeyness that many of the caramel/chocolate based fragrances do. I almost find it refreshing.. I almost get a slight cholclate/mint note.. if that's at all possible. Rochas tends to fly under the radar in my city... I rarely smell it.. but when I've worn's never failed to garner loads of positive response.


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    I agree with the above replies. It's definitely for casual wear, but I prefer using it night during fall/winter months. (The oft compared Hanae Mori works better for daytime use, IMO.)

    It's an excellent date scent. Women will get lost in it. As the others have said, don't use too much, especially if you're going dancing.
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    I love Rochas Man--smooth, sweet and silky. Not the chocolate upper cut of Angel. I love to layer RM with John Varvatos.

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    I have it, but comparing it to Hanae Mori HM in the EdP concentration, it was no contest. HM
    was the clear winner to me. The coffee/lavender/vanilla mix just doesn't work for me in Rochas Man.
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    Yeah, it's a winner! One of the best gourmands.

    Maybe a little heavy for daytime or for high school, but you can bet no one else will be wearing it. Maybe if you use a light application.

    Recommending it as a blind buy is tough (as is any scent), but if you can get it cheap enough...

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    Very sweet...not a everyday scent...more for winter and evening.

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    I think this is great scent, lasts long, very noticable, interesting, comfortable, can be found cheap.

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    I've never smelled a sweet scent (I'm new to the fragrance game). Is the masculinity of the cologne questionable?

    Quote Originally Posted by JickyMan View Post
    I love Rochas Man--smooth, sweet and silky. Not the chocolate upper cut of Angel. I love to layer RM with John Varvatos.
    That sounds fantastic! Care to elaborate on the John Varvatos comment? How much you spray of each, and reactions for example. I only own a few colognes and john varvatos happens to be one of them
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    Not at all, it is my SOTD , yes it is sweet but not cloyingly so, and I can not imagine anyone will think this a feminine scent

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    A sweet, rich gourmand that's not cloying or annoying.
    (Think of it as New Haarlem for one-fourth the price -- that's essentially what it is.)

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    Default Re: Rochas Man

    Rochas Man will be worth the investment. I recommend it as a blind buy (and I don't do that often). Have fun.
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    I bought it because it smelled good in the store and seemed to be in the style of scents I prefer. It's ok, but not great. Sweet, but not warm like I think A*men is. I MUCH prefer A*men to this. I'm nearly done with the bottle of RM, but won't be purchasing it again.


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