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    Default REVIEW: Le Parfum - Vienna

    A few steps beyond the bustling pedestrian malls in downtown Vienna you will find an olfactory oasis with perfumed riches just waiting to be explored.
    'Le Parfum' at Petersplatz 3 in the city center will not only appeal to those with a finely-tuned nose for fragrance, but also to those with an appreciation for the art and poetry of perfumery.
    This is a retreat completely devoid of widely-produced odors and celebrity scents... its immaculately stocked shelves are brimming with exciting and exotic body oils, rare essences and elusive scents that defy mass distribution. From 14th century Carthusian Monk formulas and 18th century Napoleonic reconstructions to refined and distinguished 21st century creations, 'Le Parfum' offers a top-notch variety of scarce and fascinating perfumes to discover.
    The store itself is clean and inviting; furnished in an elegant fashion with a large chandelier hanging overhead and charming rococo-inspired bureau standing at the back of the store. As soon as one steps in from the hubbub of the street, one understands they have entered a place of reflection and appreciation. Without the slightest degree of aloofness, the staff, both welcoming and friendly, greet us and then allow us the space we request in order to thoroughly examine their stock. When asked for assistance, they are forthcoming, knowledgable, and offer interesting information on perfumers, histories and compositions. Blotters and coffee beans are at hand and displayed in polished silver dishes sitting atop small silver trays, and a bountiful arrangement of complimentary catalogues and literature are on offer to be perused and taken home. We can tell the staff take pride in their store... and strive to please their clientele.
    Their portfolio of scarce scents is staggering. One can easily become completely consumed by the environment and its diverse and extravagant offerings. After sampling for many enjoyable minutes, we make our purchases. The woman behind the counter offers to create a sample of any scent in the store for my wife and I to take home with our purchase. I choose Washington Tremlett. My wife selects Clive Christian.
    We are walked to the door and thanked warmly for our patronage.
    As we leave Petersplatz we cant help but stop in the street for a moment and look back over our shoulder. We can see through the large window the store personnel returning to the shelves to restock and tidy. A woman in a fur coat enters the store moments later.
    "Guten Tag und herzlich willkommen bei Le Parfum", we hear as the door swings closed behind her.

    We have vowed to revisit this exceptional boutique again. Soon.

    Le Parfum
    Petersplatz 3
    1010 Wien
    Tel.: +43 1 535 39 39
    Fax: +43 1 532 30 18

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    Default Re: REVIEW: Le Parfum - Vienna

    I cannot agree with you more Dimitri...

    As an Aussie boy, cycling through Europe, I have made an effort to make a few stops at my favorite places along the way, namely, anywhere with glassware, clocks, and of course fragrances...

    Carrying around 15 kg of bike and 15 kg of luggage across Europe means I maybe do not always feel like, let alone look like, the typical customer that should be stepping into Osswalds or Le Parfum,. but step in I did, and true to your word the staff were so helpful, sampling everything vaguely resembling my personal tastes, and then sending me off with a free gift.

    I came out of Le Parfum with Nasomatto Black Afgano, and a complimentary decant of Duno, which I most likely would have purchased if they were in stock... Still, I am here in beautiful Vienna for 6 days, so I may still be lured back to this wonderful place !!!

    Thanks greatly for the recommendation,

    Best regards Ed
    I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious. Albert Einstein.

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    Default Re: REVIEW: Le Parfum - Vienna

    Ed, it is a wonderful city isnt it?
    Congrats on your purchase!

    One more must-see perfume destination is very close by... DUFT & KULTUR
    You can see more here...

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    Default Re: REVIEW: Le Parfum - Vienna

    I have just today written a revised review of this store.

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