I bought both Declaration and Declaration Essence today in a local department store for half price in the January sales.

Both bottles are marked "Limited Edition." Does this mean they are different from the standard scents? The Essence LE is beautful, with a woody scent underpinned by chocolate and citrus. The Declaration LE is slightly more citrussy, but also has a chocolate note.

The Essence LE bottle is blue with a brown graduation at the bottom. The Declaration LE bottle is also brown at the bottom, graduating upward into a sea-green and then a pale yellow-green at the top. The boxes are similarly shaded, very colourful and eye-catching.

The shop also stocks the standard Declaration (clear bottle, red box) and the Bois Bleu (frosted bottle, pale blue juice, red box), so I know the scents I bought are different. But there's no mention of them in the reviews section...

Can anyone tell me more about these fragrances?

(PS I posted this before at the bottom of a previous Declaration thread, but I think people may have missed my question...)