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    Default New in the fragrance industry

    Hi guys, i'm kinda new in this parfume industry.. i really love to have all kinds of parfumes but it seems that all i get wont statisfy me with my taste of fragrance, just to tell you guys im just 17 years old ( soon 18 whoohoo hehe )

    what i am looking for is a fragrance what is fresh/sweet/ what has a long lasting effect and has a sillage ( dont know if i wrote it right or something ) effect.., as a musician we play at some private party's here but most of my parfumes arent lasting long on my skin.. also another thing is i kinda want to find a fragrance that not manny people wear it just like AdG or something.. something special.. anyway

    my litle collection is

    AdG, i find this fragrance 'ok for morning use at summer, its fresh but doesnt last long withing 1 hour this fragrance kind of goes away from my skin as i smell my wrist every now and then..

    gucci pure home II, i like this one too, litle bit less fresh than AdG also nice to wear in the summer, something that it probably would rebuy again..

    boss bottle, not to spicyish not to fresh.. i like to use this one at nights actually.. but it doesnt last long either i've noticed, dont know weather its my skin type or...

    beckham intimately, got this as a present.. also good to use at night.. it inda smells a litle oldish spicyish.. but that makes it pretty challenging to use.. but dont think ill buy this after im done with it..

    JpG, not bad parfume just not my taste.. my dad just uses it now..

    parfumes i'm probably going to buy, dSquared wood, Ferre.. what ug uys think of Bijan parfumes??

    but i dont know if they'll be the ones i am looking for just speciall and long lasting

    i would really like ur oppinion on what fragrance i should get.

    well going to stop writing now, u guys probably got a headache from reading this,

    p.s this is a Great site i Love it!! & sry if i dont know the notes in the fragrances.

    Thank you,

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