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    Default Can you make a "unique" fragrance with essential oils only?

    I would like to try making my own fragrances, but I'd like to stick with essential oils, since it seems easier to work with them (and even make them yourself!) and certainly easier to get hold of (at least here in Sweden). Are the fragrances you can come up with kind of limited if you only use essential oils? Would it be possible to create Demeter-like fragrances with essential oils only (you know those naturally smelling wonders like Dirt, Wet Garden, Rain...).

    Are there commercial "niche" perfumes that only use essential oils? If so what brands?

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    Default Re: Can you make a "unique" fragrance with essential oils only?

    Firs of all, keep in mind that I am very new at this. I've only been experimenting with perfumery for a few months. My opinion is that sooner or later you will want to use synthetics to help 'blur' some of the essential oils. I've found that when I use only natural components, it's very easy to smell the individual notes. There isn't the ambiguity that my favorite frags have. It could be that I'm just not experienced enough with naturals yet, but I recently started adding synthetics to my experiments, and have been very happy with the results. There is much more control because one is working with individual molecules at a time instead of possibly hundreds when you use a complex ingredient like Jasmine or Rose Absolute.

    Some niche houses using only naturals are Aftelier, Joan Bassett and Profumo

    I'm curious to hear what others have to say.

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    Default Re: Can you make a "unique" fragrance with essential oils only?

    I use lavender essential oil to join the oils together. Just add it when you're ready with your fragrance formula.
    I use ca. 1-2 and even more ml per 100 ml EDP/EDT. You'll not smell lavender after maturation (few weeks later).
    Plus, I always add natural glycerin (for fixation).

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    Default Re: Can you make a "unique" fragrance with essential oils only?

    the fragrances you can make with EOs are *hardly* limited. there is such an unbelievably wide range of essential oils out there, and if you're okay with solvent-extracted resins and naturals along those lines, your possibilities increase a thousandfold. also, if your sniffer is good enough, you can tell the differences between EOs from different locations, which will change the character of a scent and add additional textures. doing a Demeter-style scent with naturals, though, takes a LOT of time and practice.

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    Default Re: Can you make a "unique" fragrance with essential oils only?

    Thanks iggy, I'll definitely try using lavender oil as a blender. I guess that's one of my problems, I have a hard time getting my natural ingredients to join together.

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    Default Re: Can you make a "unique" fragrance with essential oils only?

    Demeter fragrances are all or nearly all synthetic in their component fragrance materials. There are natural notes that may hint at dirt (spikenard oil's top note, mitti attar - a codistillation of dirt into sandalwood oil made in India) but to recreate things like lily of the valley, fruit fragrances, and other impossible to distill notes, you require synthetics. Despite this, it is not impossible to create unique fragrances that meld well together. When I began, I wanted to create a fougere fragrance for myself and found it very satisfying to work around that base accord of oakmoss, tonka bean (natural source of coumarin) lavender, bergamot, and very often geranium. You can take this base in as many directions as you have essential oils, and none of the above ingredients is particularly expensive. Have fun, good luck!!

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