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    Default bn blog users ~ important

    As some of you may know, we recently upgraded our forum software, but unfortunately the new blog system doesn't want to read the old blog's data (despite assurances it would convert fine). After many failed evenings of trying to merge them, nothing has worked, and I've come to the conclusion that we will have to start afresh.

    My very large apologies to those of you who were maintaining some thoughtful and entertaining journals. None of the information has been lost however (it just won't merge with the new system). Any blog owners wishing to have a copy of their blog entries can contact the site, and I'll happily email an attachment (please allow a day or two for me to respond). You can then paste these entries to recreate your blog, either on the new blog system or where-ever else you like.

    The new blogging system was created by the forum creators, so will be a lot more stable.

    My apologies once again
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    Default Re: bn blog users ~ important

    Please send a copy of my blog, Scented Planet, to Elf. Send me a PM and I'll send you my email address, as I can't send you a PM.
    Thank you!

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    Default Re: bn blog users ~ important

    The file address is fine, thanks, Grant!

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    Default Re: bn blog users ~ important


    I just emailed you about my blog as well. Thanks again!
    Yr good bud,


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    Default Re: bn blog users ~ important

    JaimeB and Elf,

    Thank you to both of you for your very interesting blogs, which I have enjoyed reading. I look forward to reading your future entries.

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