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    Hi there,

    I've always had a passion for fragrances. I can remember when I was little I went to this local shop baught some glass bottles and some random essentail added some water and voila I had some homemade fragrancesI sold to the other kids down my street lol.

    Now i'm older i'd liked to start getting serious haha ! And would be really greatful if anyone could point a COMPLETE newb in the right direction. I had a little search (I think) and couldn't find any similar threads
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    Well, in part it depends on how much money you are willing to spend. This can become expensive.

    Since you are in the U.K. you might want to take a class here:

    Also since you are in the U.K., locating a source of suitable 190 proof alcohol can be a chore. I think there was a recent thread here about that.

    Here is the thread about alcohol in the U.K.:
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    I highly suggest you join the Natural Perfumery and Perfumemaking groups over at Yahoo. Lots of very friendly, very helpful people in both groups. There is TONS of information in the archives for newbs and experienced alike. Good luck!

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