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    Default Jean Paul Gaultier, Le Beau Male

    Jean Paul Gaultier seems to have always had a unique take on masculinity. Really breaking the mould.

    What does everyone think of Gaultier's Le Beau Male range? There are videos and such for it on the JPG website. The range includes a bronzer as well as kohl and a concealer. Although Jean Paul Gaultier isnt the first company to market make-up to men, with clinique offering a concealer.

    It does look interesting. Although most guys might not want to look like a ken doll. Guys in make-up is a growing trend. I know a few guys who wear it often, while i only some use concealer on pimples.

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    Default Re: Jean Paul Gaultier, Le Beau Male

    I worked with BPI as they launched this range.

    Personally, though I see the benefits of wanting to "tidy yourself up", personally I wont subscribe to their coloured balms, eyeliners, nail pens and the like. *shudders*

    What I DO swear by however is their VERY GOOD powder bronzer!
    Im not interested in fake-bake carrot-inspired bronzing, rather, just a hint of colour in the dark of winter. The product uses a universally-compatible hue which works on dark, medium and fair skin. And its streak-free. This is not a regurgitated sales pitch - Ive experienced it first hand

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    Default Re: Jean Paul Gaultier, Le Beau Male

    Hi Dimitri,

    who is BPI? Sorry for my ignorance.

    Just a question about the bronzing powder : Does this emphasize lines and wrinkle ? Does it stain shirts ?

    I ask you this because I had this impression when I tried this in a perfume shop, but perhaps I've hadn't use it correctly.


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    Default Re: Jean Paul Gaultier, Le Beau Male

    Hi Waldemar,

    BPI is "Beauté Prestige International" - the company responsible for distributing the fragrance and body lines for Gaultier, Issey Miyake and Narciso Rodriguez. Apologies if my abbreviation seemed a little obscure. It just gets a "mouthful" to type sometimes.

    I never had problems with it emphasizing lines. The idea is to build it up in layers. Layer once, check it out, layer again and so on until you reach the hue you prefer. Test it on the back of your hand first (dont fuss with it too much, just whack it on roughly with the generous brush), including your knuckles and fingers. You'll find it actually neutralizes the redness and softens the lines where your skin is pinched around your joints. Compare the back of both hands side by side and you will see the difference.

    If you like what you see, then try it on your face.

    To be honest I cant attest to whether it is responsible for staining shirts. At the gaultier2 perfume launch we were asked to wear the bronzer whilst promoting the fragrance, and our uniforms were black. I guess, as with any colour-enhancing product, you ought to use caution when wearing white.

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    Default Re: Jean Paul Gaultier, Le Beau Male

    Actually, there was just an article in WWD that the line is being discontinued and replaced with a new set of products by JPG, though extremely similar in nature. However, the one point of real interest is the addition of a new fragrance, Gaultier Gentleman I believe. The company is attempting to distance itself from the Le Male brand as it is a major misconception that the products are scented with the fragrance.

    If you're looking for a good bronzer for men, skip the powder, which can't really look natural, and try a gel bronzer. Bonne Bell makes a good one for about $3, or try Clinique for Men's gel bronzer which is about $12. Mix a dab in with moisturizer and you'll get a much less makeup-y look, and a nice glow that won't rub off.
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