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    Default Help a novice figure out whether she got a good deal with the following...

    I had to eventually admit I will not be able to wear just Chanel No 5 (my signature scent) on a daily basis without going bankrupt. This is mainly because I need quite a bit of application, including EDP layered on top of pure perfume to get the desired effect. So I decided to test the market a little bit and try a few other classics by putting together a mini-wardrobe of possible future complements to Chanel No. 5.

    Of course, it is not possible for me to go to department stores and just buy various bottles at full price. I ended up making a 3 item purchase on scentedmonkey, based on the recs on this forum, and I wanted to ask your opinion about the extent to which you think I got a good deal on the following:

    Femme Rochas (never sniffed, just wanted to try)
    by Rochas for
    Women - 3 ml
    EDP Splash
    (Mini) - 9680 $4.99

    Arpege by (I loved it, I found it somewhat close to No5 but not quite there, so I went for a larger bottle)
    Lanvin for
    Women - 3.4
    oz EDP Spray
    - 1.7oz $39.99

    Diva by (I remember loving it a lot when I tried it last year and the reviews were very favorable)
    Ungaro for
    Women - 1.7
    oz EDP Spray
    - 10230 $24.99

    Total, shipping zero: $69.97

    Do you think this is a good way to start a mini-wardrobe? Would you consider this an adequate purchase in terms of price? I am also looking for some future good deals on Patou's Sublime (bigger bottle, not just mini) and Caron's Parfum Sacre. For now.

    Thank you so much for your help...but then not so much for "infecting" me with the "perfumenza" pathogen!

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    Default Re: Help a novice figure out whether she got a good deal with the following...

    You have chosen a "perfect" array of scents. I give your choices a huge thumbs up. I hope you enjoy Femme, it is a glorious scent. Very impressive, and very nice prices.
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    Default Re: Help a novice figure out whether she got a good deal with the following...

    As I don't know those 3 fragrances, I can't say - but I would say that if you're able, and you can find a bargain price (try ebay), a bottle of Balenciaga Le Dix would be a splendid addition.
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