Recently in my fragrance testing I hit upon the best scent I've ever encountered. Unfortunately I've never been able to fully recreate it, you know when something doesn't smell quite the same as you remember it the first time?! There was a day I was spritzing womens testers on and being quite uninspired. It was only many many hours later after a shower when the 212 had turned into something wonderful. So I went back and tried the mens; didn't like the metallic topnote but 2 hours later I was getting huge wafts from the car heaters and it was simply magical. Everything I wear I think is nice and enjoyable but this was the first time that a scent was actually turning me on! Now after buying it, all I smell is the metal and I'm truly gutted. I read that CK Truth was similar so I gave that a test. The day wearing it was completely uninspiring, but again after a shower that similar drydown was there just not quite as good. I think I've smelt similar from Bvlgari PH too although I'd lost track a bit that day, again it was after showering; and honestly makes me wonder whether water does something to the scent!! I think it must be the musk that is doing it for me and wondered if anyone had any recommendations especially if anything smells like that throughout!!