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    Just curious what people think of Clean for Men. I have smelled it but vaguely remember it. I have been on a clean kick wearing MI, Eau d'Hadrien, Chanel PM, Eau Sauvage and Ferre as of late...

    Loving the results of smelling clean all day. Are there any Clean users out there?


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    I love it. Simple as that. Dosent exactley smell like someone does when they get out of the shower but it still smells pretty damn good! It smells, well.....clean!!

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    Thank you Thrax. Would it be possible to tell me when you'd like to wear it? (office, night out, trip, hot/cold etc)?

    I want to understand the best times to use it.

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    I love the stuff, too. It's a very fun scent. I wore it just the other night when I went downstairs to hang out in a friend's apartment after a shower. I wear it to work, & sometimes when I'm just bumming around running errands. It's a sparkling & uplifting scent & I just wear it whenever the mood hits me .
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    Love it. Went through a whole bottle years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it best worn in the daytime.

    I got a hell of a lot of compliments on it also. I think Clean Men ranks up there with Colonia Assoluta by Acqua di Parma and Eau d'Orange Verte by Hermes as my favorite fresh-from-the-shower clean fragrances. These fragrances are, of course, way over done in the market place. But if you're gonna choose one, Clean Men is a good one.

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    "Sparkling" is a great word to describe this gem. I get a new bottle every year during Sephora's friends & family sale. I just love to have it around.

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