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    Default Re: Luckyscent vs. The Perfumed Court (Just For 1/32 Samples)

    Quote Originally Posted by Somerville Metro Man View Post
    Just wanted to add that based on the two posts above I tried fishbone 96 (Nancy) and ordered three decants. I found her selection to be less complete than TPC but for what she has, her prices are the best especially as you move up into larger decants. Shipping was very quick and e-mail contact was near instantaneous. Also she was the only one of the three to throw in a few extra samples along with my order. That's after ordering about the same amount from all three services dollar wise. I will definitely shop with her again. Most likely she will be my first stop when looking for something because I think I'll get the best price from her.
    Glad you had a great transaction. She's top notch. She doesn't have a lot compared to TPC, but there's still a lot of good stuff to choose from. Le Labo, Guerlain & Caron Extraits, Tom Ford Private Blend, Non-export SL, FM, etc.... I might place a 2nd order later on.

    Easy, simple, and very professional. I placed a large order costing over $100 dollars and she gave me a $10 dollar discount. Very kind of her. I believe she was also part of TPC duo, but decided to drop out and just liquidate her stuff now on her blog.
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    Default Re: Luckyscent vs. The Perfumed Court (Just For 1/32 Samples)

    Luckyscent is always lightning fast service. fishbone is also fast. On the other end of the spectrum is The Perfumed Court. When the girls ran there decant company's separately, all were fast service. Now they've joined together and service is lacking to say the least. The lag time between placing an order and shipping can take a couple of days and in some cases up to a week. Also different frags come from different girls-therefore different shipping time and arrival of different frags. I spend $150.00-$200.00 a month with The Perfumed Court so I feel I've placed enough orders to know. I will continue to purchase from The Court because they still have the best selection. I've always got what I ordered, but if you're in a hurry, stick with Luckyscent or fishbone for same day shipping.
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    Default Re: Luckyscent vs. The Perfumed Court (Just For 1/32 Samples)

    check fishbone 96 (Nancy)'s blog. I'm pretty sure I saw something about her giving up the decant business.

    I'm assuming that all the Profumum samples are going to ship from the same person.

    secret: copy all the text surrounding the pic and prices for each scent. paste it to a scapbook, word, whatever you have. you'll see initials that were white on the web page.
    such as dw, pg etc.
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    Default Re: Luckyscent vs. The Perfumed Court (Just For 1/32 Samples)

    Sweet!!! I just got my package today from Nancy (Fishbone96)

    Highly Highly Recommend! I got my package in a few business days, which was quick for US to Canada shipping. The package and labeling was excellent, she seems to have a thing for the color red. Using red packaging tape and bubble wrap. She gave me a 10 dollar discount, a free 5ml decant and a soft chewy candy which I'm eating right now....Lovin' it. Oh, she also did my TF Private Blends at per ml cost.

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