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    In my constant searching of new fragrances, I discovered Ormonde Jayne short time ago. I read excellent opinions about these fragrances, so I decided to buy the samples, in spite of their high price.

    Lutens's fragrances are my passion. I can't say which of them, I don't like. Their richness, evolution, etc. make them unique, specially fragances in Salons Shiseido. The duration and power is exceptional.

    Nevertheless my experience with Ormonde Jayne can't be worse. The fragances are good, but within a few minutes they disappear on my skin. It isn't that I don't smell them, any person around me smell them. Specially "Orris noir" or "Ormonde woman", practically they disappear. I don't understand the different opinions which speak about their power, duration, etc.

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    Default Re: Ormonde Jayne parfums

    Have not tested them all, but these two mentioned are fantastic. Please do not give up on them that easily, give them another -- or a couple of more -- chance(s). Exfoliating and moisturizing before fragrance application might be a good idea, so is changing your diet a little towards more proteins. Try them in a different time of a month or in a different season altogether.
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    I've been very disappointed in this line. I keep trying, though.

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    Ormande Woman lasts for hours on me, longer than a lot of other perfumes. Try letting your first sprays dry for a minute or two, then layer with more sprays.

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    I find Orris Noir lasts the whole day and can find it almost cloying. No longevity problems at all! Ormonde Woman doesn't last quite as long but still at least a few hours. Haven't tried any others from the line.

    Must say I'm not as impressed with Lutens - yes Datura Noir, Douce Amere and Un Bois Vanille are lovely and even Ambre Sultan is quite nice but I guess after all the hype I expected something more. Or maybe I'm still too immature to appreciate them :P

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    Like Sestra, I find Ormonde Woman very long lasting. In fact I worry about applying too much and the scent being overpowering to others. But I like it very much, and have never found it overpowering myself.

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    Default Re: Ormonde Jayne parfums

    On me Ormonde lasts for ages, there's never a need to reapply.

    But scents generally tend to last long on my skin.
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