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    Default How do you select your next purchase?

    Hello everyone!

    As a newcomer to the basenotes community, I was hoping that I could be given a little advice on how to select my next fragrance. I am hoping to purchase a nice Niche fragrance, which will be a valentine's gift from my dearest girlfriend.

    So far I have currently being doing the usual online reseach, visiting many online sites such as Barney's New York, Les Senteurs, Harrods, Escentual and many others, admirig the many perfumes and colognes that are available to purchase.

    I have researched the different perfume huses that produce products that are highly acclaimed and have st myself a maximum budget of 70 towards a purchase, although I woul be happy to spend less of course.

    I have visited all the local stores in glasgo to see what I can find in store. Luckily there have been some nice Niche fragrances to be found, Frasers has Serge Lutens and Annick Goutal, although in a limited range, as well as Aqua Di Parma and a fe other individual Niche products. I have also been to L'Occitaine, Penhaligon's and Jo Malone although I didnt really have the time or space to samle the fragrances on offer as I would have liked. Another shop called Fifi and Ally's had a limited range of Miller Harris products, although in this unfortunate situation most of the fragrances such as Citron Citron and Tangerine Vert that may interest me are not currently stocked. John Lewis has a limited amount of Creed fragrances, a few of which I have sprayed on my skin to smell the layers of fragrance as the fragrance dry's down.

    So, I have the following problems:

    1 - There are so many fragrances to try that are mainly available online.
    2 - I am not really given space in the niche fragrance stores to discover what works for myself.
    3 - I refuse to burden myself with a credit card (I just dont want to have the same debt problems some people close to me have), which means I cannot order from abroad.

    I am hoping to eventually have the knowledge to work out what I will like from the notes listed in websites like this, but nay, I am still an amateur at this point!

    I would be most grateful for any ideas that may help me in my quest!

    Thanks again!


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    Default Re: How do you select your next purchase?

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    I have a problem in that I live in Boise which doesn't have too many perfume outlets. Although (and I AM THRILLED about this) Sephora opens here soon!!

    What I've done so far is get a lot of samples. There really is no way you can do this without sampling, so spend some money on those. You'll begin to build a scent library of what you like and when you do, you can look for others with similar notes.

    Here and here are links to perfume guides that will give you some suggestions.
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    Default Re: How do you select your next purchase?

    I don't think I can give you any systematic answer as to how I select a fragrance. I am not sure I could tell you how I came to buy anything that I have bought, EXCEPT for Knize Ten. I bought that for myself after I had previously bought it for a friend who sort of asked for it for a birthday gift. After I smelled it, I said, "hey I've got to get that for myself." So I did. Other than that....

    I am an inveterate researcher. I have also liked fragrances but in the past had one or two at a time. No more. It was only about five or six years ago that I got to three or four. Since I work in New York City, and have had the opportunity to prowl around from time to time, I find myself going to various places that sell mens fragrances. So, it's like going to a bookstore, or in the old days, a record store, and browsing. From Basenotes, I have developed a better sense of the kinds of things I like and don't like. As with so many things its a process of trial and error.

    Welcome aboard LeeScot. Glad you are here. Have fun! I will follow your progress through this silly hobby with interest.
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    Post Re: How do you select your next purchase?

    Welcome aboard! More times than not when a pyramid looks interesting to me, I will get a sample. If I like it I will buy it.The only deal breaker might be if it only comes in a 100ML bottle. I am not big on 100ML bottles. In fact I wish all perfume makers offered 30ML bottles. Might cost a little more, but I would be fine with that.
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    Default Re: How do you select your next purchase?

    My simplest advice would be, if you have access to Creed and test one that you like, buy it. I have sampled many of the niches, and Creed is still my favourite (Fred Malle comes in second). Just my opinion, but especially if you are just starting on your discovery, I think they are alot more "accessible" while still maintaining the quality of a niche.

    Top 10 (not in order): Dunhill 1934, Dunhill Edition, Terre d'Hermes, Rive Gauche, Habit Rouge, Guerlain Vetiver, Knize Ten, Bois du Portugal, Vintage Tabarome, Green Irish Tweed

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    Default Re: How do you select your next purchase?

    Hi and welcome! I was just thinking about this today... I find my fragrances by going and sniffing... But I can't remember the last time I've gone and sniffed and bought in the same day. I actually have never done that... What I like doing is going, experiencing the fragrances, and thinking about the ones that really stick out in my mind, then maybe go back another day and put ONLY those few that caught my nose... the ones that really get me excited about owning them... sometimes that can take a month or months... Then you really have an idea of what you want! This of course applies to sample orders, too.
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    Default Re: How do you select your next purchase?

    Of the stores you mentioned, try the following:

    Penhaligon's Endymion
    Penhaligon's Hammam Bouquet
    Creed Green Irish Tweed
    Creed Bois du Portugal
    Creed Silver Mountain Water
    Creed Millesime Imperial
    Creed Acier Aluminium
    Creed Erolfa

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    Default Re: How do you select your next purchase?

    I sniff and try fragrance several times in a store. Try to get a sample and wear it. If I continue liking it after several times, I decide to buy it. Since there are many that I like and wantto buy, sometimes I buy the ones that I see on discount sooner.

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    Default Re: How do you select your next purchase?

    Thank you everyone for you kind replies!

    I am currently trying to get some samples sent to me. A UK website does free samples of the Miller Harris fragrances, and I have a feeling that one of the Frederic Malle stores will be sending a couple of samples of fragrances I may like.

    The most frustrating thin about the actual tores is the lack of organisation. In John Lewis they have a range of seven or eight Creed fragrances, and some such as Green Irish Tweed and Silver Mountain Water dont even have testers on display! It is the smae problem with the Annick Goutal, with stores only having the female bottles and the SA's not providing me with the best information on whih scents are made for men as well as women.

    I do have it in my mind to buy my first Creed in the next few months, I liked Original Santal, and Virgin Island Water but really need to test the rest and make a proper decision.

    I was considering purchasing a few samples from Les Senteurs, butat 2.50 each (approx $5) it is a lot of money to spend on samples, especially as they are not even spray versions.

    The next few weeks will be interesting, and I will of course report back on what purchases I make!

    To reply to Ron199, I agree with you that I prefer mainly 50ml or 30ml bottles. There is hardly an occasion when I use more than that, although my Angel Schlesser Homme is almost out of juice having used more or less the full 75ml. Luckily I have just seen it on sale in Frazers for 13.50 ($27)so that may be an in between ad hoc purchase.

    A funny story though, is that when in America I was lucky enough to be able to afford some Bond No 9 fragrance. The second bottle was purchased when there was no Bond No 9 staff in store, Sak 5th Avenue for Him. On taking the box to the cashpoint, the sales assistant asked "Why dont you buy the 100ml?" It amazed me that here I was spending $130 dollars on a Bond No 9 fragrance and they have the cheek to ask me to spend more money!

    When you have a bigger collection there is no point making the mistake of buying too big a bottle of any fragrance. My preference is for 50ml, and where possible 30ml.

    I look forward to smelling a good few new fragrances in the near future, and I am sure with Valentine's day just around the corner we willseeseveral new launches coming from all angles. I can't wait!
    Well today I had a very productive time in the House of Frazer department store.

    Firstly, a very helpful SA helped me with the Serge Lutens and Annick Goutal fragrances. I discovered of course the fantastic Un Bois Vanille, and I have to add this to the top of my wish list, as I just love the rich vanilla notes. I tried this one on my skin, along with sampling a few more of the Serge Lutens fragrances. I also liked Fleurs De Citronnier, but unfortunatly they didnt have Fleurs d'Oranger which I would liked to have tried. She also gave me a free sample Annick Goutal's Madragore, and I am looking forward to trying that one out. I was also infored that the purchase of one of the Serge Lutens fragrances would result in a free travel spray, which is putting temptation in my way, once again!

    I then checked out another fragrance section, and noted Dsquared2 He Wood and Tom Ford for men and Black Orchard as well as Banana Republic fragraces which I have yet to smell, I guess I will be coming back when looking for a more medium priced fragrance to add to the collection.

    The biggest joy however, was discovering the Hermes stand, and being introduced to the Heressence range. What wonderful fragrances, and of course they are not cheap, at 100 a bottle!!! The good news is that they do a discovery set, where you can choose four of the fragrances from the Hermessence range in 15ml sized EDT sray bottles and have them packaged specially in a box set for 70! Of cours the best news is that I received a sample of Ambre Narguile and Paprika Brasil (both 4ml samples!) So it looks like the discovery set will be my next puchase, but will have to wait until next week to see how the finances are after pay day taking into account other expenses!! If I am really shrewd perhaps I will be able to afford both the items on my want list, or perhaps I am being to greedy. It will be a valentines gift, so will have to wait to the 14th to wear whatever gift Anna treats me too!
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