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    Default Calling all Texan 'noters! (esp in DFW area!)

    Well, hello everyone. I find myself new in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and have come across some good shops but it gets kind of dull going around and sniffing on my own. I was wondering, if there were a number of others similarly inclined, if a scent-expedition around town would be fun. A saturday would be ideal, and if the idea appeals let me know. Then we can pick a day and go crazy (or is it go stinky?). The input of other interested and knowledgeable souls makes trying out new 'fumes more fun!

    Anyone interested?

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    Default Re: Calling all Texan 'noters! (esp in DFW area!)

    Would love to join you, but OKC is 3.5 hrs. away.
    Any idea of where/when you'd want to have this?
    Twolf might want to join in, btw.

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    Default Re: Calling all Texan 'noters! (esp in DFW area!)

    How about Feb 9? Maybe there will be some VD sales.
    Hi all,

    Well, there will be at least a couple few of us sniffing on Feb 9--which is not to say some date in the future may call for another expedition. Please PM or email me if you would like to join us this time or be on the list for future such snifferamas.

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