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    Default Bijan Wicked (and a snippet about Graphite Blue) at TJMaxx

    I saw a gift box set of this at TJMaxx for $20 last weekend. I was curious because I read (through searching around) that it's like a mix of Chrome and one of the CK's (I forgot which). Now, my untrained nose smelled a paper strip with this on it when I stopped by a Perfumania the other day. I liked it, it smells fresh, and there wasn't anything initially that would scare me from putting any of it on. Anyone have any thoughts on Bijan Wicked? I added that to my list of colognes to try before I buy another bottle of anything a few months from now since I sorta went nuts with the semi-blind purchases (smelled on strips, not smelled on skin yet). I swear this site gets me too excited to find and learn about colognes.

    On my trip to TJMaxx, I got bored and sprayed my left wrist with Graphite Blue because I had read it's similar to Blvgari Blv. Then I went to an Ulta a few doors down and sprayed Blvgari Blv on the inner elbow of my right arm. I felt, IMO, the drydowns were completely different. Graphite Blue was stronger and synthetic (I think that's the word I'm looking for) in a bad way where I just wanted the crap off of me. Blvgari Blv started in a similar way as Graphite Blue, I suppose, but once that's over, it dries down to a sweet, almost a light berry-like scent. It was a lot smoother. Graphite Blue was just incredibly harsh on me. It projected like CRAZY whereas Blv disappeared, but that's besides the point. Graphite Blue was $12 for 1.7 oz or whatever at Marshall's, but I still won't rock it. Yuck.

    I'm new at identifying what I'm smelling beyond commenting with, "I like it", "I don't like it", and "It's okay". Sorry if my post sounds a bit disjointed. LOL.

    Cliff Notes: Bijan Wicked is intriguing, is it really like Chrome and CKOne (?). Any thoughts? Also, Graphite Blue != Blvgari Blv to my nose and on my skin. However, in my short experience, Blv > Graph. Blue.

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    Default Re: Bijan Wicked (and a snippet about Graphite Blue) at TJMaxx

    I don't know about Graphite Blue, but Bijan Wicked is, you're correct, very much in the same vein as CKOne and the like. It has a sweeter floral side, though, than CKOne, and a fruity note (pineapple) as well. Really one of Bijan's better offerings to date, although not my cup of tea.
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    Default Re: Bijan Wicked (and a snippet about Graphite Blue) at TJMaxx

    Fundamentally stuff ends up at TJX/FB because it didn't sell at the original retailer.

    That's why you see such large amounts of mediocre Liz Claiborne/Elizabeth Arden/Escada/Perry Ellis type stuff as well as celebrity fragrances from Parlux etc.

    Now sometimes good stuff doesn't sell, and in that case it wanders through the TJX system. For example a whole bunch of Interparfum stuff (Christian Lacroix, Lanvin, ST Dupont) stuff went flowing through a few months ago. Even national retailers use TJX as a disposal option, so I've seen a fair bit of gapbody stuff.

    In general, FB has tends to have more consistent acess to high class inventory, vs TJX which is more opportunistic. Thus for example FB is currently running through a batch of chanel ties and scarves. Most impressive how things like that leak out of the distribution system.

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    Default Re: Bijan Wicked (and a snippet about Graphite Blue) at TJMaxx


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    Default Re: Bijan Wicked (and a snippet about Graphite Blue) at TJMaxx

    Quote Originally Posted by Pugsley_f5 View Post

    Would love to know what that store is! I'm guessing from my lack of ease to figure it out, they don't have stores in Southern CA.

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    Default Re: Bijan Wicked (and a snippet about Graphite Blue) at TJMaxx

    I think FB is Filene's Basement...

    'round these parts FB is a little more expensive than TJM or Marshalls. The fragrances are a little better organized at FB. TJM and Marsh. require a little more "seek and find" which adds to the fun.


    p.s I saw fragrances at "Off Broadway" Shoe Store (similar to DSW/discount designer shoe store with huge selection) the other day. Didnt check prices
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