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    Default Adjusting Your Moods!

    It is known that many people find that different kinds of music have different effects on their moods. Music can be uplifiting, depressing, euphoria-inducing, trance-inducing, poignant, spiritual, sensual. Many people choose the kind of music they are going to listen to depending on which effect they want the music to have on them. This effect has been studied in marketing studies, which determined, for example, the ideal kind of music to be played in stores. There are certain kinds of music that are correlated with higher levels of consumption. Similarly, there are Marketing studies that show that a good fragrance in a store can help improve sales.

    But the question I would like to ask is this: do you believe scents have the same power as music on our moods? Can you choose to use a scent because it is uplifiting, or turns you on, or makes you feel more formal, or even informal? Can you fine-tune your mood, to a certain degree, by using the right perfume?



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    Clinique Happy makes me, ya know. Sad.

    Musc Ravageur makes me randy

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    Default Re: Adjusting Your Moods!

    I think it can make a difference. Definitely felt a little more reckless wearing Bandit yesterday

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    Guerlain Vetiver (the old formula) has a uplifting and calming effect on my moods. Eau Sauvage, altough I like the scent, has a slightly depressing effect on me (one of the reasons why I use it so rarely). GIT energizes me (thats why its my everday scent).
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    I wear pure Indian sandalwood oil when I want to feel confident and "boosted". Other fragrances have their own effects on me, but sandalwood almost always makes me feel good.

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