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    Default Hello everyone! Just a few questions..

    Well I've been lurking here for a few weeks now and decided to finally post. Cologne is one of my favourite interests and I love reading about cologne and learning new things each time. Some colognes I own are:

    Romance Silver by Ralph Lauren (my favourite)
    Pi by Givenchy
    Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger
    Ferrari Black(My first cologne)
    Burberry Brit
    Kenneth Cole Reaction
    360 by Perry Ellis
    Cool Water by Davidoff (received it as a gift)
    and D&G Pour Homme (also a gift)

    I am still in high school and learning about fragrances, so I understand there's a long way to go. My dream is to one day own a Creed fragrance :P From what I've read, I understand that many people here wear Thierry Mugler (A*Men especially) and Green Irish Tweed. Well anyway, I'll get to the questions

    What is a millesime spray, and why is it different from EDT, EDP, EDC, or any other formulation?
    How many sprays is enough, usually?
    Is it better to spray on the wrists or the chest?
    and for the future, Do you know any sites that sells cologne/perfume with international shipping as well as matches the prices on other sites? Unfortunately Scentiments does not ship to Canada and it has the best prices And Unlimited Perfumes no longer ships outside of the U.S. and it was the only site I knew which matched prices. I figure that if I find a site with international shipping and the price match guarantee, I can match Scentiment prices and get a pretty good deal.

    All answers are appreciated, and I am glad to be a part of the Basenotes community, thanks everyone!

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    Default Re: Hello everyone! Just a few questions..

    hi Romance

    And welcome

    I am answering your question about spraying on the wrist or chest. I always spray on the chest - right in the middle of my chest and on the base of my neck. I find this gives the best reaction with my skin and body heat. I find that a spray on the wrist disappears more quickly. Colognes have different strength and projection, so you will need to figure out 1, 2 3 or more sprays required to get the result that's just right for you.


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    Default Re: Hello everyone! Just a few questions..

    Millesime is a clever marketing ploy, implying that the fragrance is classy, expensive, natural, high quality, ect... It's the fancy way of saying that that have a higher concentration of fragrance oils.

    As far as Creed goes, Millesime implies EDP strength, though Millesime Imperial is more like an EDT...

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    Default Re: Hello everyone! Just a few questions..

    Thank you both for your replies, and yeah I've heard that MI's scent strength isn't that great

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    Default Re: Hello everyone! Just a few questions..

    Welcome to the site, you will have such fun here. I think, for men, spraying the chest is the best way to apply fragrance. The warmth from that area will diffuse the scent nicely.
    Quand on boit l'eau, il faut penser sa source

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