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    Default Lancome Hypnose Homme

    I bought this last night - I know it isn't liked generally, but I love the lavender and sweet but not too sweet base. Strangely enough, on my chest the Lavender note is big and has good sillage, but on my wrists is very much subdued. I am relatively hairy on my chest - so would this be part of it?

    But despite the simplicity of it and linearity - I just love it. Heh. Who knew?
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    Default Re: Lancome Hypnose Homme

    Think it was one of the best scents from 2007! Great sillage and long lasting scent - really has a spring feeling to it.

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    Default Re: Lancome Hypnose Homme

    It's good that you liked it! I disliked it, and was rather disappointed... but to each his own!

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    Default Re: Lancome Hypnose Homme

    I like this scent but it's a bit too heavy and too 'thick and syrupy' and linear. It's heavy and rests on the skin like a lead blanket, kind of like Hypnotic Poison for women, Body Kouros, Fahrenheit, Joop, and many others. To me, that heaviness just feels artificial and is a bit sickening after awhile. I must admit though, I do smell this one everytime I walk by it at a store.

    I've noticed a lot (most) scents last much longer on the chest. I think this is primarily due to the higher moisture level in there combined with the hair and the extra heat.

    I asked the SA about Euphoria intense while at the store today, which she hadn't even heard of, but she mentioned that they'll be releasing a Hypnose Homme Fresh. Should be interesting. I tried the women's version on again today and it's quite like what I'd imagine Hypnose Homme fresh to smell like. The top notes are similar, but it's base is much lighter - vanilla with a hint of vetiver.

    Actually, Leifer, I noticed that if you chopped off the base and most of the heart notes of Polo Double Black, it's quite similar to the top notes of Hypnose for women. The mango/fruity top in Double black is quite similar in style to the Passionflower/peachy/mango top in the Hypnose for women. It is a bit more feminine than most men's scents for the first 30 mins or so, but afterwards is quite nice and something I think you, knowing a bit of your tastes, would really like.

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    Default Re: Lancome Hypnose Homme

    Hypnose somehow manages to be substantial and light at the same time, with a fresh and slightly animalic feel to it at the base.

    I really enjoy it.
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    Default Re: Lancome Hypnose Homme

    I want to join the group of its fans. Unlike many other fresh and weak scents, this one lasts long, is strong. I find it versatile.
    And the bottle is great. Actually, I like recent trend - large beautiful bottles: this, YSL L'Homme, Gucci PH, Dior PH, Narciso Rodriguez.

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    Default Re: Lancome Hypnose Homme

    I felt that this scent was more for the older gentleman, and not the college kid like myself... yeah, it was not one of my faves, but it's a very highly regarded scent

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