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    Default Montale Greyland Cologne

    Anyone tried this? I've got a sampler on order and was wondering what to expect.
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    Default Re: Montale Greyland Cologne

    It smells similar to Gucci Pour Homme, so if like that.... I enjoy them both.
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    Default Re: Montale Greyland Cologne

    I love Greyland.. I don't find it as dry as Gucci Ph... and generally seems to have more 'soul'


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    Default Re: Montale Greyland Cologne

    Greyland is heavy on the spices (think cumin) and tons of wood like blond sandalwood. There is also a musk element to it that I really like...not an animal type of musk but very clean. I am also convinced there is a little bit of oud in the base notes. I think Greyland is an underrated, brilliant scent. Longevity is good but is stays pretty close to the skin after the top notes burn off.

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    Default Re: Montale Greyland Cologne

    I find Greyland too heavy on the cumin-like spices initially, but these regress after a few hours, leaving behind a well-balanced, intriguing scent. The extreme drydown features amber and/or vanilla/tonka. The topnotes dissuade me from actually purchasing a bottle of this.

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    Default Re: Montale Greyland Cologne

    What I get from this one is a slight smokiness among all the rest that others have mentioned. I always get good comments on this. People think it is unusual; they don't know how to characterize it. It's one of my favorite Montales... but as others have said, it does settle down close to the skin.
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    Default Re: Montale Greyland Cologne

    Thanks for the input everyone, I look forward to testing it out and will post a mini-review a few days after wearing it...
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    Default Re: Montale Greyland Cologne

    I got a dirty B.O. smell when I tried this, not a winner in my book. Maybe I'm just a cumin-phobe.

    But hey, good luck, you might like it

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    Post Re: Montale Greyland Cologne

    Loaded with wood. First cousin to Gucci pour Homme.I love wood's so load it up, Cedar, Rosewood, Teak, Sandlewood, I'm in. Which is why I own both. If you like wood you can't go wrong with this frag, but as alway's sample first. Also if you like wood give Tam Dao, by Diptyque a hard look.
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    Default Re: Montale Greyland Cologne

    sorry to bring this thread back from 2008 but I just had to post about it. I would say there has never been a fragrance that I have tried before that has been so embodied by a song and video as Greyland. The song is 'Silvia' by Miike Snow. The entire feeling of this fragrance I think is captured by the aesthetic of the video combined with the song. -- this is a link to it (apologies if there is a policy against linking to youtube on this forum)

    I really like this scent for some reason. I hated it at first - rubbery, too much cumin - but I find it always pulls up strong imagery and feelings, and those are the same I get from that song. Over time I have come to really like this fragrance and wear it often.

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    Default Re: Montale Greyland Cologne

    A very fine scent IMO.

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    Default Re: Montale Greyland Cologne

    Very Good, maybe a bit crude but I like it.

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    Default Re: Montale Greyland Cologne

    It smells like pencil shavings. Very odd, but very wearable. I like it
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