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    Default Mariella Burani ** Messages D'homme

    Is this just another cheap & nasty ?
    Could it be that this is another Italian supermarket frag ! ..
    Or perhaps one that has gone under everybodies radar .
    The reason for this thread is because the database is empty & a search revealed very little info of any value .
    So lets begin ..

    Messages D'Homme by Mariella Burani

    Contains Notes : Lemon , Bergamot , Gabanum ,
    Lavandin , Geranium , Sage
    Artemisia , Citrus , Patchouli , Vetiver

    The notes are in no particular order and are the most accurate I could find . This is the only masculine fragrance the house sells amongst a decent range of feminine perfumes .
    I have used it once & like it very much , I will be leaving my review over at the database in the very near future .
    This is what it looks like .

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    Default Re: Mariella Burani ** Messages D'homme

    Reminds me a lot of Boucheron pour homme, but soapier and greener. I personally like Boucheron ph better...
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    Default Re: Mariella Burani ** Messages D'homme

    Ha! I wound up with the bottle that Tero found similar to Boucheron. It wasn't bad at all but if she had spent as much time on the juice as she did the lovely bottle it would have been a lot better.
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    Default Re: Mariella Burani ** Messages D'homme

    The Female version is one of my favorites that my wife wears. Great scent on a Lady!

    The male version is OK. I gave it a 3/4 rating and have some up for a swap.

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    Default Re: Mariella Burani ** Messages D'homme

    I wanted to open such thread.

    Two or three years ago I tried this scent at the airport and remeber liking it. I did not buy it then and never saw it anywhere since. So I also wanted to hear other opinions. I think it was some kind of "old style" office scent, but I am not sure now.

    Is it similar to anything else other than Boucheron?

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    Default Re: Mariella Burani ** Messages D'homme

    In perfume stores in Italy, Mariella Burani scents usually cost around 10 or 15 Euros less a bottle than standard designer scents (as is the case with several other reasonble quality Italian brands I've never heard of before). But that still leaves it considerably dearer than their supermarket and their equivalent to our Priceline type scents.


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    Default Re: Mariella Burani ** Messages D'homme

    And the packaging does not look like a supermarket or drugstore kind of packaging at all.

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    Default Re: Mariella Burani ** Messages D'homme

    Reviving this thread as I'm curious about this one. Also want to correct the note list above. Should be "cistus" not citrus (though it does have lemon and bergamot) -- which is the same as labdanum. (It's the genus as opposed to the species.)

    Any thoughts or experiences about this one? Regarding the similarities to Boucheron, how floral and incensey is it?

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