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    Default CK one ~ chrome ~ echo

    is there anything common in between these three....i get lot of chrome kinda basenotes in CK one...also i can detect somethign metallic in CK one which is also present in echo...any thoughts....?

    loved CK ONE though. perfect to wear it over a crisp white shirt
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    Default Re: CK one ~ chrome ~ echo

    im not a fan of ck just does not sit well on my kinda smells funky. i never liked chrome because of that metallic thing; however, i adore echo by davidoff. It was my first real bottle of fragrance and i used the hell out of it. I think echo is more simple than chrome and has more character than ck one, but thats only my assessment!

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    Default Re: CK one ~ chrome ~ echo

    Funny -- I don't care for Echo, nor for Chrome. That said, I love CKOne. I'm without a bottle at the moment, granted, but I love it. It has its share of detractors here on Basenotes, true, but so does Youth Dew (and I love that one, too -- just not on me).

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    Default Re: CK one ~ chrome ~ echo

    They are fresh scents. ther than that I don't find them similar.

    Why are you asking?

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    Default Re: CK one ~ chrome ~ echo

    well i recently happened to get a collection of vials from CK which included CK one. had earlier tried it at a store but didnt like it so much then, but things changed when i applied it generously to has this really pleasant thing going on which doesnt shout and say "IM HERE" its quite crisp, to the extent it very edible to the nose...i get really fresh lemon/bergamot kinda notes which seems pretty real and not synthetic....'' the best part is the relaxing aroma...which is so soothing...almost as if it was meant to pamper youself...

    the reason i posted this was to see if there is anythign common between the above three, especially in the basenotes. i dunno which came first, i detect lot of common notes in the base, includin the metallic note which is quite toned down in ONE, quite prominent in Chrome and just a notch beloew in echo....
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