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    Default Neutrogena Body Oil questions inside

    I use the Neutrogena Body Oil light sesame scent after showering. I love it because it sinks right in but also gives me a light scent. I can wear Givenchy Pi over it and it does fine...but....not for other fragrances.

    Have anyone tried the fragrance free one with their fragrance? How well did it work? Was there truly no after scent or a wonky one?

    If you use the sesame scent body oil...what fragrances do you wear with it?
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    Default Re: Neutrogena Body Oil questions inside

    I am a serious Neutrogena Body Oil junkie I use this every day. I don't think I've ever used the unscented one ... I find the scent to be so pleasant while I'm using it, but I don't think it leaves a scent behind ... I never noticed it clashing with any of my fragrances anyway.
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    Default Re: Neutrogena Body Oil questions inside

    I wore this throughout my high school years and returned to it five years ago when I fell in love and wanted that sensual veil of softness...
    It's a nice product.
    I know I've worn it with a number of fragrances in my wardrobe. I think it adds a light ever so sweet musky atmosphere to whatever you are wearing.
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    Default Re: Neutrogena Body Oil questions inside

    I use almond oil from the health food store, it doesn't seem to interfere and has no additives to it. Apricot seed and jojoba are other natural alternatives.

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