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    Smile Guidance, anyone?

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    Well I'm a guy, but in my opinion you could add:

    Gourmand (such as: Kieko Mecheri Loukhoum)
    Fruity Floral (such as: Creed Spring Flower)
    SEX scent (such as: Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur)
    Business scent (such as: Prada Infusion d'Iris)
    other Chanels (such as: Bois des Iles)

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    Default Re: Guidance, anyone?

    You have a nice wardrobe already!
    I'll second those suggestions and what about exploring spicier fragrances?
    You might like incense or woods or spices or straight up orientals. I know they can be seen as for more the 'more mature' woman but if they're your cup of tea there's a large range of 'weights' - they're not all big, heavy, rich scents. And while you may shy away from ambers, you might find woods work for you, or incense. I have to say that incense is a great fragrance note regardless of age or style - I think it's modern and interesting, despite being probably the oldest scent known to civilisation.

    I saw you have quite a lot of florals in your wardrobe but there's a vintage feel to it too. Maybe you should explore the classics? Mitsouko, Shalimar, Jicky, L'Heure Bleu (actually, I think you might like that one); the Dior clasics, other Chanels, and definitely smell some Hermes and Bulgari. (Go mad - try Bulgari Black - rubber, tuberose, leather!) Oh yes, smell some Lutens. There are sure to be some of his creations that rock your world. And try L'Artisan Parfumeur too. They offer everything from Chasing Butterflies to Bhutan in a bottle. Try their Mure et Musc - I think that might interest you.
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