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    Default Does anyone know Parfums de Grasse?

    I just bought two Parfums de Grasse frags today, both distributed by Eleven Parfums in Paris. Please click on the link to go to their website:

    I bought the Fougere Vert pour Homme and the Chypree Animalisee pour Homme. The shop had several others, but I wanted to play it cautious at first and see how I liked these before buying any more.

    Does anyone know this line, or any of the other lines in their portfolio?

    I'll post brief reviews after I test them, but wanted to see if anyone else had experience with this house.



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    Default Re: Does anyone know Parfums de Grasse?

    Damn, those are cheap! I wouldn't expect much from them, seems like drugstore fragrances, like your Bruts, English Leathers, and Tabus... but maybe I'm wrong... At any rate, neverheardofthem.

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