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    Default Bottle malfunction

    So, I have a bottle of Prada EdP. Or rather, I _had_ a bottle of Prada EdP until I noticed that it was rapidly evaporating and that the bottle around the atomizer was always coated in perfume. And then the atomizer stopped working properly, I think because the alcohol evaporated off, leaving basically a very concentrated perfume oil in its wake. So essentially my bottle became a very expensive room fragrance! I tried removing, tightening and cleaning the atomizer but that didn't work. Now the bottle is almost empty. What should I do? I bought the bottle at my local Sephora, should I take it back and complain? I meant to do that before the bottle was nearly empty, but I've been so busy lately and it took maybe 3-4 weeks for the remaining 3/4 of the bottle to completely disappear!

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    I've been amazed by the graciousness of stores to accommodate customers. I would talk to Sephora staff about it. They may have gotten the same complaint before because bulb atomizers have a reputation for breaking down, contaminating perfume and causing evaporation. I think you could even google the topic and find some info about this happening, if you'd like to offer "evidence" to the store. If a customer isn't a chronic complainer/returner, I think most stores have a policy of doing whatever it takes to make things right.
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