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    Default Kenzo Amour Holi

    Has anyone seen or sniffed this yet? The battle is drop dead gorgeous. I see it's at Nordstrom's in the States.
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    Default Re: Kenzo Amour Holi

    Yes, I did just yesterday. It is nice, similar to KenzoAmour but with some raspberry maybe? Reminded me of KenzoAmour mixed with some My Insolence. I would wear it if I had some, but I won't go buy any as I already have too many similar scents. Even the bottle is exactly the same but with some symbols on only a small portion of the bottle.

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    Default Re: Kenzo Amour Holi

    Yes, I read somewhere it was like a rosey-fruity-milky version of Amour. I'm looking forward to trying it but doubt I'll buy it. Amour plus Insolence, now that's an interesting combo! Thanks for posting a mini-review.
    Ah, look, Now Smell This just posted their review. Sounds too fruity for me. Sad me!
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    Default Re: Kenzo Amour Holi

    it follows the patcholi - rose- musk trend.. just like many others on the shelves, i prefer the original.

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