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I owned a bottle of O de Lancome when I was in college, but embarassingly I have never been able to project the beauty of the Lancome fragrances except for Mille et Une Roses (which was introduced to me by a basenoter and I like it a lot). Throughout the years, I have friends who have been fans of Tresor and Miracle where they seem to smell nicer on them.

I have a question, does anyone own Sikkim here and what do you think of it? I am tempted to get a bottle. I read a little about it on the web, does it smell like Gres Cabochard OR Ivorie by Balmain?
I have Sikkim, it smells to me like Rose de Nuit - Lutens, but I might be wrong because I don't see rose in the description... It also reminds me of Une Folie de Rose by Rosine, maybe they have Ylang-ylang in common and they are both chypre. But no, it does not smell like Cabochard or Ivoire, not so green.
I like it a lot, but then I like almost all chypre perfumes!