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    Default Do you smell what you see?

    From a response to another post. Thought it might make an interesting topic.

    Ellenisia and Artemisa were created as scents to attract new Penhaligon's customers. On the men's side, Quercus and Endymion were created.

    While they maintain a certain traditional cache, Penhaligon's certainly wanted to stay contemporarily competitive. The bottle designs for the new fragrances reflected this more forward thinking strategy. Ellenisia had a gorgeous, silhouetted, close up,die-cut type designs with complementary colors used on the packaging. Endymion and Quercus used crisp, and minimalist designs.

    In a relatively short time after their launches, the packaging was redesigned. Ellenisia went from cutting edge to clunky spinster. A small crest with a floral wreath on a background of pink, tea party wallpaper. Endymion's modern masculinity was traded in for a crest of heavy velvet curtains and dowdy polka dots.

    I wondered if this was a rethinking that the company should maintain an aura of priggish traditionalism.
    Further, does the packaging effect what we smell? Does Ellenisia, at first, smell like a grandmother because of the frumpy box? Will Endymion become more of a thespian's scent than the college guys'
    girl magnet as a result of the image change?

    How much does packaging effect your choices? Any examples of blind buys that went wrong because you anticipated something different from ads/ package?

    Wish I could post pics of the old and new designs-but I "may not post attachments."
    ***New development***
    I see the website has limited representations of the old packaging and new packaging depending on which item in the range you look at.
    Ellenisia: talcum vs eau de parfum and Endymion: 100ml cologne vs 50ml cologne
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    Default Re: Do you smell what you see?

    Having looked through these designs on the Penhaligon's site, they definitely leave me thinking "old" (yes, grandma-style "old") and "musty." The boxes seem either Victorian or resembling dull skin care packaging - nothing modern or appealing. I suppose I would give them a chance if the company had left their boutiques in Saks stores (with just the bottles in front of me), but by seeing pictures of the boxes as well, I admit it puts them way, way down my priority list of scents I hope to try someday.

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    Default Re: Do you smell what you see?

    Packaging never influences my view of a scent, I sample or try scents before I buy them, I could care less what the bottle or package look like, I'm only interested in the parfume inside.
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    Default Re: Do you smell what you see?

    Packaging changes came about along with the changing of company hands...

    I find the current packaging distinctly British. And why not? They have a long history to draw upon, and their target demographic are not represented by teenagers. They are perfumers to the British royals, and they cater to the gentry.

    As long as the scents do not change, I see no harm in re-packaging their now-famous apothecary inspired bottles.

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    Default Re: Do you smell what you see?

    There is no harm, and it's their right. I agree, but if you were unfamiliar with the product, does the packaging make the scent smell more distinctly British? Is it less likely to appeal to a wider spectrum of new consumers? I found the old designs as a perfect bridge between hip, modern consumers and the traditional, refined "old guard". Now, I suspect they have narrowed the likelihood of the scent attracting a new generation of customers.

    Shout out to Detroit!
    yeah- I can see what you mean about them looking musty- See I suspect it will make you detect "musty" subconsciously when you sniff it.
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    Default Re: Do you smell what you see?

    I used Penhaligons products before the ownership changeover, and also before the inclusion of "new" scents like Castile in their portfolio.
    At the time, I was a bit mortified to see the design of the Castile packaging... it was a very "loose" style and not at all analogous to the boxes of the existing scents. I was actually disappointed that they weren't following a more conservative style.

    Previous packaging...

    It may now appeal to a more mature demographic, but I find the new packaging reflects a sense of tradition that this house is known for:

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    Default Re: Do you smell what you see?

    I think your pics are backwards.
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    Default Re: Do you smell what you see?

    yeah those pics are backwards... (edit) Or wait... Hmmm....

    As far as the Endymion, I see what you mean... I could go either way, really. I like the traditional style because it is in line with the others with bows and crest-looking labels. Right now, I have the minimalist versions of Endymion and Castile. They are both plenty cool looking!
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    Default Re: Do you smell what you see?

    I don't dislike the new ones really-(Okay I don't like the Ellenisia) But what I thought interesting was that they were created to attract a new generation of Penhaligon's fans. In a "hey, that's a cool bottle, I'll try that- looks hip" sort of way. I doubt these new designs will do that. Now, I think that if someone did smell it, they might relate the scent to something more frumpy. It's an acute concept, I know- a bit like splitting hairs but really has nothing to do with my opinions of Penhaligon's fragrances. It's more about us subconsciously relating the marketing to the scent- creating an identity for a scent through packaging- not smell.

    Yes, the non-emblem, "minimalist" castile is the new one- redesigned on the heels of Endymion, being created. Conceivably to update the fragrance through a groovier design. Since they redesigned Ellenisia, Endymion and a couple of others so soon after their launch- I wonder if they'll revert back to the emblem and bow design on Castile too.
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    Default Re: Do you smell what you see?

    Im sure they are posted in the right order... but before we get too carried away, lemme consult a friend who worked for Penhaligons back in 2000 as Art Director (she in fact designed packaging for LPNo.9 among others)... watch this space!
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    Default Re: Do you smell what you see?

    Cool. I really liked the whole Lp look.

    Shame it was pulled for not fitting into Penhaligon's second redirection. Couldn't they just slap a briar wreath emblem on a plaid background and let us have our scent back?
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    Default Re: Do you smell what you see?

    Yes, I liked the heart-shaped lining motifs and die-cuts
    The same woman is now creative director at Czech & Speake... a very talented lass!

    --------------------EDITED TO ADD: ------------------

    I stand corrected! Apologies to all...
    I thought that the more conservative package was a "new" design, but my friend maintains it was she who designed the original (with the crest motif), and that the tasteless (in my opinion) tiger-stripe version is the revised edition.
    Whatever the case, I prefer the conservative version... and hope that with more recent changes to the design, there were no changes to the juice!
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    Default Re: Do you smell what you see?

    well, good news, Dimitri! The Castile packaging (along with others) is going through another redesign. It will, of course, be more traditional.

    Here's an interesting note on the smell vs packaging with regards to Penhaligon's.

    For newbies visiting a Penhaligon's boutique, they are only presented the scent with a basic description like, "This is a bright floral." or "This is fruity yet warm." They aren't shown packaging or names until they express interest.

    So, Penhaligon's seems to be aware of the connection between packaging and scent perception.
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