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    Default Favorite Nose Poll Results

    Following Somethinpositiv's lead (see I've crunched the numbers for the "Your Favorite Contemporary Nose" poll.

    Here are the rankings, with their percentages of the vote rounded to the nearest whole number:

    1. Olivier Creed (22&#37
    2. Jean Claude Ellena (16%)
    3. Jacques Polge (12%)
    4. Olivia Giacobetti and Christopher Sheldrake (tied at 9%)
    5. Annick Menardo (6%)
    6. Maurice Roucel (5%)
    7. Bertrand Duchaufour (4%)
    8. Jacques Cavallier, Isabelle Doyen, Jean-Paul Guerlain, and Francis 9. Kurkdjian (in a four-way tie at 2%)
    9. Michel Almairac, Christopher Brosius, Sophia Grojsman, and Dominique Ropion (in a four-way tie at 1%)

    Somethinpositiv's results make an interesting comparison. As there (and as might be expected), these results seem to correlate well with the amount of attention the various noses and their associated houses get on the boards and in reviews. (One must keep in mind that Somethinpositie's poll was limited to niche houses, and this one was not.) Creed is a constant subject of discusion here, and Jean Claude Ellena is oft-mentioned as well, especially in regard to his work for Hermes. Polge for Chanel makes perfect sense in this regard, as does the Sheldrake-Lutens team. Menawhile the lovely Ms. Giacobetti still has her own active thread on the Male Fragrance board. One needs to recall

    Given the popularity of his CdG incense scents and his work for L'Artisan Parfumeur, I'm a little surprised to see him ranked as low as he is. And while Jean-Paul Guerlain didn't show as strongly as he might have, his admirers were adamant. (I wonder if Guerlain would have had higher standing if the poll were posted in the Female Fragrance forum?)

    A couple of highlights:

    The pollster forgot to list his own first choice on the poll. A kindly moderator corrected this bonehead move.

    One Mikeperez23 proclaimed Jean Claude Ellena to be god.

    One respondent was rather resigned to find Creed (predictably) in the lead.

    Lorenzo VIlloresi, Jean Laporte, Yann Vasnier, and Pierre Montale were mentioned as write-in candidates. (The polling utility is limited to twenty alternatives.)

    Isabelle Doyen got a vote because of her "pretty name."

    Any thoughts on the results?
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    Default Re: Favorite Nose Poll Results

    I am not surprised to find two pompous perfumers with a minimalist approach to perfume taking the top two spots. Going by their recent work (Creeds Feuille Verte, VIW, and Amalfi Flowers and Ellena's Terre d'Hermes, Ambre Narguile and Vetiver Tonka), retirement should be some time away yet.

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    Default Re: Favorite Nose Poll Results

    I'm just happy I can keep the magnificent Jean-Paul Guerlain for myself

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    Default Re: Favorite Nose Poll Results

    I'm sorry I missed the poll, I would gladly have given Ellena and Sheldrake a boost.
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    Default Re: Favorite Nose Poll Results

    I would have given Ellena a boost - I think the guy is amazing. His daughter is likely to be a good one as well - I really likked her Jasmin de Nuit. Classy and stylish like Ellena, but definitely her own!
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