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    Just wondering what everybody thinks of the some of the male fragrances from this house? I have got a couple of samples and they seem like very simple fragrances but they seem to last pretty long. I'll give more detailed reviews when the reviews are back up. Just wondering if anybody else has tried stuff from this house.

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    So far, I have not tried anything from Anglia but they were very prompt in responding to a request from me for information.

    They have taken over the production of some Crown Perfumery fragrances that otherwise would have been lost to history. Although renamed, they are evidently produced from the original formulas.

    Unfortunately for me, Town & Country is not one of the fragrances that has been carried forward (and Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet is not close enough to be a substitute).
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    Nobody else has tried this??
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    I've tried several form the line. Many of these are "replicas" of the old Crown Perfumery (destroyed by Clive Christian). While the "replicas" are very close they are not quite the same and quite honestly somewhat inferior. If you're trying to replicate the old Crown fragrances I think you'll be mildly disappointed. If, however, you never had the chance to sample this great house and you enjoy traditional English perfumery then I'd recommend the line overall.


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