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    Thumbs up Noob experimentation yields interesting results

    Today I was the recipient of a great kindness by a BN member who sent my numerous samples of some very fine frags...

    Two in particular were Terre D'Hermes, which I already own, and Green Irish Tweed from Creed which I have been interested in for some time.

    I decided to try these first, the TDH to verify that the stuff I got for a song on Ebay was the real deal ( I was pretty positive as it'd be HARD to fake something that nice) and the GIT was to see what all the hoopla was about.

    I am pleased to report that my TDH is certainly the real deal! I was also pleased to discover that I was glad I didn't drop a pile on GIT. It's very nice stuff for sure, and obviously well-crafted, but it's not my style.

    What really came as a shock to me was HOW WELL THEY WORKED TOGETHER!!!!

    I had GIT on one wrist and TDH on the other and the TDH is definitely the dominant partner of the two, but the light and refined "green" smell in the GIT marries very well with the deep, pungent, earthy cedar in the TDH. WHen I first noticed it, I had been sniffing one, then coffee beans, then the other and just barely noticed the combo.

    So, I extended my wrists far as far apart as possible and stuck the coffee bag where I could nosedive into it.

    The results are excellent. It was best to where there was just a hint of dominance to the TDH but the GIT was still present enough to be noticeable.

    I am wearing these to my Latin dance class to get my partner's reaction and how it works as we move around each other. She likes the TDH on me already. So I am going to try a very light application of the TDH (It's very up front) and a heavier dose of GIT and see if I can't hit that balance.

    Has anyone else tried this combo?

    If no, anyone willing?

    comments, criticisms, religious psychobabble and bomb threats welcome... :wave:

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    Default Re: Noob experimentation yields interesting results

    I recently started experimenting layering several fragrances.

    I have both TDH and GIT. It sounds like an interesting combination. I will give it a try and let you know!

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