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    Default LV "Feminine" Frags?

    I'm a huge Lorenzo Villoresi fan and I regularly wear Piper Nigrum, Vetiver, Uomo, and Yerbamate. I've also sampled all of the remaining ones that are marketed in the U.S. as either masculine or unisex, but I haven't bothered to sample the three that are marketed as "feminine," but with all of the recent discussions of rose scents, I've been considering getting a sample of LV Donna to try. (I've sampled and enjoyed LV Musk, which is rosey, but haven't purchased it.) Have any of you guys had any experience with Donna or either of the other two LV "feminines": Alamut and Teint de Neige? I'm approaching this idea cautiously because I'm generally more of a Eau de Iles and Yatagan kind of a guy, so I'm thinking this might be a stretch for me.


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    Default Re: LV "Feminine" Frags?

    I have a Garofano sample, and despite of some other guys' opinion I think it's clearly flowery feminine. And rather overbearing, so even if I were a lady I wouldn't choose it (I think).

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    Default Re: LV "Feminine" Frags?

    Garofano is not one of my favorites either. Neither is Dilmun. I find both of these (and Musk) to be rather feminine, even though they are all three marketed here as unisex. I do like the Musk though, and might reconsider that as a purchase later. The fact that Garofano, Dilmun, and Musk are marketed as unisex is one of the reasons I'm approaching the ones marketed as feminine with some caution.

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    Default Re: LV "Feminine" Frags?

    I also think Musk and Garofano are ladies fragrances. Of the strictly feminine fragrances, I have sampled Teint de Neige, and it is definitely, DEFINITELY NOT for a guy, except if he is going to a fancy dress ball as Jayne Mansfield. It is very sweet and powdery, and very nice, but I got a sample and gave it to my wife who thought it was too sweet for her. There you are.

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