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    Ok, so I bought Shalimar edt, and thoguh it's not my perfect match it might grow on me. While it doesn't remind me of an old lady (luckily), I find it to be a bit masculine and heavy, but I think I'll wear it next time I go out with my friends. I've had a sniff of Samsara, and I'm considering buying the edt (no way I could afford edp), though it was a bit strange to me (think that might be the ylang-ylang). I found both to be more interesting than chanel Allure Sensuelle, another I've been considering.
    Also I'm considering Mitsouko, but I can't find it anywhere around here to test. I've found the edt at, though, and consider buying. Any experiences with this store? Should I give Mitsouko a shot? Samsara?

    Perhaps I should mention that I'm 19, Armani Diamonds was made for me, can't stand Stella by Stella McCartney (which I bought without testing), love JPG Classique on others, can't stand it on me. DKNY Red Delicious needed a day to grow on me, while Kenzo Amour is ok. I'm insecure at times, but most of the time seem to give the impression of the opposite without trying to.

    Think I can pull these off?
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    It sounds like you're not actually in LOVE with these Guerlains. I think you shouldn't buy unless you truly love the fragrance! Keep looking, I'm sure you'll find something that is more to your liking. Having a perfume you don't love just because it's from a certain house isn't worth it. Try other houses, other perfumes and see what's out that that you just can't get enough of!

    I've tried all the Guerlains you mentioned. Shalimar just wasn't for me, Samsara didn't do anything for me, and Mitsouko was an olfactory offense to my nose. If you're interested in Mitsouko I recommend you DEFINITELY test before you buy. If you want Guerlain perfumes, why not try some of their other fragrances, and see if something else really makes you go "Wow! This is great!" I'm about the same age as you, and the only Guerlains I own are Champs Elysees and Cherry Blossom Fruity. While I don't really own any 'prestigious' and classic perfumes that get raves here, I've stuck to whatever I fell in love with, and I adore my wardrobe. I suggest that you just keep on testing lots of different things, and really only buy something that you know you truly love!
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    I really think the classic Guerlains work better for women 30+. I'm 20, and I'd prefer a 19 year old (that I'd be friends with or date) to smell light, modern, and floral, fruity, or sweet. Something along the lines of Ralph Lauren Blue, DKNY Light Blue, Creed Spring Flower, Flowerbomb, or Lolita Lempicka. Perhaps you're too sophisticated or mature for those?

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    I'll keep testing, and stick with my Diamonds for now.
    I've tried Lolita Lempicka and was quite happy to be rid of the scent. Don't quite remember why....

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    Did you try Insolence or the Aqua Allegoria line? They are young and fresh.
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    I think that the 'My Insolence' smells adorable on a young lady.

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    Insolence is too sweet, reminds me of some horrible candy, and My Insolence is yet to be released here, I think.

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    I agree with lookingglass - since you don't want to smell like an elegant mature woman (which most Guerlains do) suggest you try the Aqua Allegoria line which Guerlain came out with to attract youngsters.
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    Another nice scent that is a little younger in spirit, is Cherry Blossom by Guerlain. It has some lovely floral notes, with a kiss of green tea in the opening. It is not sickeningly sweet either.
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    There is a subset of lighter, more whimsical Guerlains like Apres L'Ondee, which might tempt you to the older ones, but I agree that you should test before you buy and wear things you enjoy. If you absolutely must must wear things, why not go the samples route? It will get you a lot more smells for your money and might help you avoid the dreaded 'bad' blind buy.

    And definitely sample Mitsouko before you buy. It has a love it or hate it reputation because it's all down to your nose and your skin. Some people adore it, others loathe it. Neither is right; or perhaps both are...
    Anyway, the point is to wear perfumes you enjoy. Scents that make you sing.

    I just looked up the notes in EA Diamonds and see it has a vanillic cedar base. Perhaps you could try Shiseido's Femininite du Bois? It's very cedary and a classic in its way - it was the starting point for all those Lutens Bois scents you'll see mentioned here.

    Half the fun of being interested in perfume is compiling some kind of shortlist of scents that sound interesting and you'd like to smell, then finding ways to get to smell some of them to see what your nose registers as yum or yuck. (I've been surprised a few times by things I thought I'd adore but loathe on me.) It can be down to skin chemistry or personal taste. If you can, try Angel. Like Mitsouko, it absolutely splits the BN population in half between lovers and loathers. See which you are.

    As for where you can smell and try these things - if you're in a big city you should be well-provided. But there's also mail order, and swapsies with other BNers if you're out in the sticks. Hunt around your local stores to see which ones stock perfumes and which have interesting little bottles of this and that tucked away on bottom shelves. For the really niche stuff like Lutens, you'll have to go to a major metropolis. But you can also email them via their website and ask nicely for a set of wax samples of their fragrances so you can try them.

    Enjoy! And welcome to Basenotes - one of the few places where you don't have to say 'I know it's only perfume, but...'
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    Think there's been a misunderstanding, due to the title. I'm not after Guerlains only. I've been looking at scent notes, and smelling stuff that I thought I might like. I've found that I've most likely got a little thing for vanilla bases (just had to have Shalimar), and found a couple of Guerlains that seemed interesting to me. If I was going for scents based on houses I'd probably already have bought Allure Sensuelle by Chanel, just to own a Chanel.
    We haven't got the best selection of perfumes around here, and what we've got is usually overpriced. And then there's the sales people.There was this one girl who insisted I tried Elle (YSL, I think) which was horrible. She could also tell me that My Insolence doesn't exist. Another, older woman at another store insisted I tried something by Boucheron or Bulgari, and the stuff just wouldn't come off.
    I'm still going to try My Insolence should I come across it, but I'll keep a look out for other things as well. Think Ange ou Démon sounds interesting...

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    Hi again, I have a couple of suggestions that perhaps you may like to try. Since you mentioned you're a big fan of vanilla (me too!!), and also how you love Armani Diamonds (I rather liked this too), you may enjoy these:

    Armani Mania: This is my fave Armani fragrance, with Diamonds coming second. It has a basenote of vanilla, but it's a lovely woodsy fragrance that works great in Winter! Not too sweet either, which might be great for you since you don't seem to like anything ultra-sweet.
    Hypnotic Poison: I've tried this one. It's a yummy vanilla fragrance. Not quite for me, but perhaps you would like it!
    Dior Addict: Another vanilla fragrance. This one is very sexy and good for evening wear. It's on my wishlist!

    By the way, I tried Ange ou Démon just yesterday and it's really nice! Definitely one to try out. Oh and My Insolence certainly exists but I think it's only sold at certain stores right now. I believe it's sold exclusively at either Macys or Sephora? (I can't remember). I've only found it in one store in Australia, so it's definitely exclusive at the moment.

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    I've tried the ones you mention. Didn't like any of them, but thanks anyway.

    Unfortunately, we've got neither Macy's nor Sephora here, and I don't think Sephora ships internationally (or I'd be broke by now).

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    Sounds like you're extremely picky lol. I suppose you should just stick with Armani Diamonds and JPG Classique then.
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    Default Re: Guerlains

    Have you asked on the ladies fragrance section here or been to Ask for recommendations on their fragrance board, lots of vanilla lovers who could help you.
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    I ABSOLUTELY agree that you should test Mitsouko before buying. In fact, you should test them all. Guerlains are not for everyone. I've been staggeringly disappointed that I can't quite 'get' what's so special about them. None of them really work for me, except Champs Elysee and Aqua Allegoria Pivione Magnifica. And neither of them have any longevity unfortunately.
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    Maybe you'd like L de Lolita Lempicka, the one in the beautiful aqua blue bottle. Notes: Bitter Orange, Cinnamon, Immortal Flower, Vanilla, Precious Woods, Solar Notes, Musks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by somethinpositiv View Post
    Sounds like you're extremely picky lol. I suppose you should just stick with Armani Diamonds and JPG Classique then.
    Of course I am. More so after finding Diamonds. JPG Classique doesn't work for me, unfortunately. Love it on others, though. Need one more scent, just to make sure I don't get fed up using Diamonds or Red Delicious all the time, or annoyed when I really feel like wearing something else.
    Nor does L from Lolita Lempicka (think it's the musk).
    I don't like makeupalley. LOL! Even when it comes to that I'm picky. Got an exam thursday, and after that I'll go look for Ange ou Demon, and maybe another suggestion...?

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