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Thread: Old Memory

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    Cool Old Memory

    It was either towards the end of 1965 or very early in 1966. I was given a Christmas gift of a popular, very traditional perfume, that came in a holiday edition in a tiny acorn shaped bottle. I was an impressionable 16 and loved it! Remember wearing it to my prom.

    Can anyone remember what this was? I thought may Vol de Nuit, or Ma Griffe but I am not sure at all.
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    Hi Anamari,
    If no one remembers perhaps you can find someone who knows through the International perfume bottle association
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    I believe it would have been Replique - it was sold in just such an acorn-shape bottle at Christmas.

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    It's coming back......Replique by Raphael, correct? Is that fragrance still around?

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    Quote Originally Posted by anamari View Post
    It's coming back......Replique by Raphael, correct? Is that fragrance still around?
    I just searched for it, and found it on Fragrance - very cheap!
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    Here is a vintage acorn-shaped bottle of Replique on eBay:
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    Wink Re: Old Memory

    Wow, you guys are awesome on how you can come up with everything. I wonder if I would still like it today. I do know that at 17 I felt so grownup with this fragrance! Interestingly, though, at fragrancex it does show that if you like Obsession and Shalimar (which I do and still wear), you'd like this fragrance. It just seems so cheap....

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    go for a vintage bottle on ebay then

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    While the current version of Replique isn't terrible, its barely a ghost of the original. I think too many of the original ingredients have been delisted (and removed) from the formula. I have a vintage parfum as well as EDT...the EDT has held up remarkably well, and practically makes me swoon with delight when I sniff it. Look for the vintage on ebay, its worth the effort.

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    Just wanted to let you guys know that I won an auction on Ebay for a small bottle of vintage Replique. Be still my heart... I can hardly wait to sniff it again and see if it impresses me as much as it did years ago.

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