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    Is it just me, or is this stuff amazing? If you go to Walmart, you can find a 3.4 oz bottle for like $20. Due to this crazy low price, I would say that Mambo by Liz Claiborne is the most underrated scent there is.

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    I like it a lot as you do. I smell a hint of Bora Bora in it, but Mambo is strong in pineapple note as far as I could detect. Very modern and chic, I was asked by a woman when I first wore it.
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    Mambo is SOO awesome to me. I first got it when I was in 8th grade and since I have been though 3 bottles and just started my 4th. LOL but those were the days when that was all I had and now I have been opened up to this whole basenotes thing and now there is so much to choose from. But out of all my scents Mambo is BY FAR my girlfriends favorite and it is definitely my favorite too.

    They also got a new Mambo Mix and it is pretty good too. Not quite as good as the original but still pretty good.

    I get the most compliments out of Mambo but I did wear it a lot.
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    I recollect Mambo was the Basenotes Best New Scent of the Year winner for 2001 - which struck forum members as somewhat odd at the time, as it had rarely, if ever, been discussed here. Clearly, it was very popular among lurkers that year.

    I quite like it.

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