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    Smile Hey Ladies, what do you think about Sensual Amber

    Hi there,

    Valentines is a few short days away and I have already purchased sensual amber and all the body products with the edt. I think this perfume smells sexy as hell, but what i was wondering women actually like it? I dont want to be selfish in my gift to my girlfriend i.e. i dont want to give it to her just because i like the way it smells.

    She already has two frags--L'Occitane cherry blossom and she is finishing chance by chanel. She has been wearing chance since she was in high school and wants something different.

    Even though Sensual amber is not nearly as expensive as Chance, it has that sweet sexy smell to it that chance has(though they dont smell anything alike).

    What i am wondering is should i return the edt and products and get her something different or hold on to the sensual amber.

    Thanks Ladies,
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    Default Re: Hey Ladies, what do you think about Sensual Amber

    I think it is just about my favorite frag for bath products, though I wouldn't wear it as "perfume". I actually bought some for DH for V-Day, as a selfish frag. gift! I like it, I like it on him...let's share! That's what love is all about. I know that I love it when DH says, "Mmmmm, you smell good...". Makes me want to keep wearing whatever it is, at least around him, even if I don't totally love it myself. I say, give it to her and make sure to complement her when she wears it!
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    Default Re: Hey Ladies, what do you think about Sensual Amber

    I really like it, in fact I find it quite addictive.
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    Default Re: Hey Ladies, what do you think about Sensual Amber

    I have Sensual Amber in the silk body lotion, and it reminds me very much of Flowerbomb, which I love (and others love on me). Flowerbomb and Sensual Amber aren't identical when compared side by side, but I'm not the first one here to note a strong similarity between the two. It gets a big thumbs-up from me.

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    Default Re: Hey Ladies, what do you think about Sensual Amber

    I just came back from smelling it on paper, so let's see... I like the smell of the whole line (although I haven't tried it on skin yet), but there's some kind of "base" in most of B&BW's products that's off-putting to me. Some flowery accord that hovers in the background. I don' t think it's in the Warm Vanilla Sugar, but it's been years since I smelled that. BUT, if she likes other B&BW products, it shouldn't be a problem. Otherwise, it's a nice, sweet amber-vanilla scent to me.
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    Default Re: Hey Ladies, what do you think about Sensual Amber

    I absolutely love it. And I haven't liked anything from BBW in ages.

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