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    Default Bad Bottles of Niche Frags (PdN New York, et al.)

    Lonnnng time, no post...

    Anyway, I've been a huge fan of New York by Parfums de Nicolai for several years now and I've gone through about one bottle a year. For the first time, the bottle that I just received from Beautyhabit definitely smells "off" (sort of thin and alcohol-like) from the top on down. I called them up and, of course, the girl starts arguing with me and then says I can send it back but I will have to pay shipping. I refused to accept this and the manager then said she'd send me a new bottle out with a prepaid shipping label to return the bad one.

    After the call ended, I started to second-guess myself thinking that maybe it was my nose that was "off". Well, I'm happy to report that my nose has been totally vindicated! The replacement bottle (different lot #) arrived today and it smells totally "right". When I sprayed the two bottles on different arms, I could immediately tell that they smelled completely different.

    I've noticed the variations between bottles of niche fragrances such as Creed GIT before, but this is the first time I've ever seen it with PdN. Also, coincidentally, I had to exchange a bottle of L'Artisan Mechant Loup at Barney's the other day for the same reason!

    Anybody else have similar experiences with any of these fragrances?

    - Brad
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    Default Re: Bad Bottles of Niche Frags (PdN New York, et al.)

    I remember you from years ago! I was away for a couple of years as well.
    PdN NY is one of my favorites and thankfully, I have not had this happen with that scent.
    I'm surprised that Beautyhabit initially gave you a hard time. I hope they smell it for themselves when they receive it back. Their customer service is usually stellar.
    I haven't had this problem initially but I've had a few scents go off within 3 months after receiving them.
    Bond 9's Riverside Drive, L'Artisan's Passage d'Enfer and Voleur de Roses and Trumper's GFT all went way off after a short time. Very frustrating and very expensive and there was nothing I could do about it because of the time frame.
    Creeds are certainly subject to variation but your PdN was seemingly unwearable.
    I guess you are lucky because it was off right away and got fixed with a new bottle. I have some trouble understanding this because with a niche house, the lots are smaller and I wouldn't think the stuff was sitting around in a hot warehouse for years?!!
    Glad you trusted your nose.

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    Default Re: Bad Bottles of Niche Frags (PdN New York, et al.)

    I would love to understand why there are these differences?
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    Default Re: Bad Bottles of Niche Frags (PdN New York, et al.)

    Hey Eric. Nice to touch base with you after so much time...

    You know, I'm no expert but I've heard the theory that there can be variations with niche fragrances because they generally use more natural, and therefore volatile, ingredients. Human error could also come into play, although I would assume the smaller houses only let a select few, highly trained individuals work on their scents. Also, as you alluded to, the environment in which the ingredients and/or the completed fragrance is stored could definitely affect the integrity of the final product.

    I'm just happy that I trusted my nose rather than settling for something that was less than the masterpiece of PdN's New York.

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