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    Default Bond...

    We all know the creator of Bond no. 9 fragrances was a "let go" employee of Creed. (creative differences)
    Obviously imho, Many of Bonds are just copies of Creed fragrances.
    However, The one Creed...Well more than one.But this one...Bois du Portugal seems to have NOT been copied by Bond. Wonder why?
    Clearly, It easy to see the "simularities" of many bond frags to Creed but this famous Creed scent seems to have no imposters.
    P.S. Maybe there IS a Bond that smeels "alike" but i pretty sure ive tried em all and i aint found it.
    If i HAD to buy Bond my fav.'s Are...
    1. Silver Factory
    2. Chez Bond
    3. Wall St.
    Must be no fans of Bond no. 9....Does'nt suprise me though, You just cant beat Creed.
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    I haven't tried a whole lot of Creed, and what I have tried I didn't like, so...

    I do wear Bond, and the ones I wear most are Fire Island, Little Italy, and Bleecker Street. I have samples for other Bonds but haven't yet come across one I like. Eau de New York just barely misses for me enough to where I'll pass on getting a bottle.

    I'm keen to try Silver Factory, though. And I want to give Coney Island a good go of it before deciding on whether to get it.
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    I own Bois du Portugal and love it. One of my favorites. I also own Hamptons and Bleecker Street by Bond. Those are really the only Bonds I will probably ever continue to buy - and that's after having tried every single Bond out there.
    Top 6: Amerigo Vespucci, by Kilian A Taste of Heaven, Serge Lutens Borneo 1834, Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta, Creed Bois du Portugal, Barney's New York Route du The

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    The ones BlueDevilSF mentions are scents that are NOT Creed derivative IMO. Eau de New York as well, it's a take off of Eau D/Hadrien.

    I think that aside from Creed, Bond looked to other classics. H.O.T. Always/Givenchy Gentleman and Great Jones/Original Paco Rabanne come to mind right away. There are others as well.

    I wonder if BdP was too difficult for Bond to chase plus the cost of doing it in EdP may just have not panned out. All speculation I guess. They seemed to have left the Creed Vintage line alone too.

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    Sooner or later they may somewhat copy it. ..probably just a coincidence. Creeds on my skin seem a little more potent...I've spray SMW on one wrist and Hamptons on the other, and although I prefer Hamptons a little bit over SMW, SMW does seem to last longer and project more. The Bonds seem a little more modern to me, however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bsmith001 View Post
    The Bonds seem a little more modern to me, however.
    My thoughts exactly. Each similar Bond is a modern interpretation of a classic scent. Even though you may have found a certain classic fragrance unwearable, Bond has updated the fragrance and made it available to those with expendable income.

    I don't think cost has anything to do with not copying BdP. Bond makes a freaking killing off of their fragrances, and I'll add to that killing whenever I get the capital to buy a bottle of Bleecker street.
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    Default Re: Bond...

    Bleecker Street, and Wall Street, my sortofgirlfriend said that it smelt like lemon rice, in a good way :P

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    I could tell the difference between Bond No. 9 fragrances & Creed-

    my personal fav Bond No. 9 fragrances--- New Haarlem, Andy Warhol Silver Factory and most of all Chinatown by Bond No. 9 are unique one of a kind fragrances... i have never smelt anything by Creed or any other fragrance house for that matter that resembles these fabulous fragrances.

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    Default Re: Bond...

    ...James Bond.

    (Couldn't resist.)

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    This thread intrigues me...I'd like to try some Bond fragrances since I've never tried any of them. I have quite a few Creeds and it should be fun to give it a shot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by penelope99 View Post
    I could tell the difference between Bond No. 9 fragrances & Creed-

    my personal fav Bond No. 9 fragrances--- New Haarlem, Andy Warhol Silver Factory and most of all Chinatown by Bond No. 9 are unique one of a kind fragrances... i have never smelt anything by Creed or any other fragrance house for that matter that resembles these fabulous fragrances.
    Actually, New Haarlem DOES smell extremely similar to Rochas Man. I wish I had known that before I found out about New Haarlem first. I get HEATED when people think I'm wearing Rochas Man. For this reason, I hardly wear it anymore. I will say there is something about New Haarlem that smells slightly better IMO. I definitely get more lavender and Patchouli from NH than RM. I'm not sure about RM's lasting power, but NH lasts me practically all day... as with most Bond scents.

    These are the Bonds I REALLY like:

    H.O.T Always does smell like Givenchy Gentleman.... but WAY better IMO. It's like Red Hots candies and patchouli on steroids and acid. I'm a patchouli freak... so naturally, It was love at first sniff.

    Gramercy Park is just so verdantly beautiful, pastoral and elegant. I find it calming, bracing and serene. A liquid incarnation of Faure's Pavane. I sigh and almost get teary eyed when I smell it.

    Nuits de NoHo has got to be the most fun and effervescent pineapple leaf and patchouli frag imaginable. The sillage on this one is nothing short of breathtaking. I think of it as bottled laughter.. contagious like that. It makes people smile in its wake. Seems to be marketed toward women, but I think it is totally unisex. I get TONS of compliments EVERY SINGLE TIME I wear this. (I got my eyes on that midnight blue bottle with the Swarovski stars....)

    West Side... the only one I don't agree with as far as packaging and theme is concerned. Strangely, being a musician, this doesn't evoke anything musical to me aside from the colorful G-clefs displayed on the gorgeous bottle, but the smell is simply and utterly beautiful....wish I could get all deep and try to find an adequate word to describe it.... "Narcotic" seems to fit. Strangely addictive. I can't keep my nose away from my wrists. I feel very if I'm the best smelling person in any social environment when I wear it. Could be far from the but it's a good feeling nonetheless.

    Chelsea Flowers Smells like the waxy white lillies, tulips, hyacinths, daffodils (and the dirt and water in the little pots covered with purple, pink, or yellow tin foil) my brother, sister and I used to get my mom at easter time from Pathmark (grocery store) when we were all kids. Instant nostalgia... and perfect for spring.

    Chinatown.. I didn't know what to expect with this one. When I think of "Chinatown", I think of the outdoor fish markets, bootleg dvds, faux Louis Vuitton bags and knock-off David Yurman jewlery of the Canal Street area of lower Manhattan. Fortunately, Bond's Chinatown doesn't conjur up any of those images. It is a beautifully UNIQUE fragrance. Slightly more feminine to my nose than unisex. I do manage to steal a few sprays from the beautiful Swarovski "crystallized" bottle I bought my sister for Christmas whenever I visit her. I'm thinking I may just buy a bottle for myself.

    Bleeker Street
    Great Jones
    Fire Island
    Wall Street
    Riverside Drive
    and others either smell average or just aren't my style.

    I'm kinda iffy about Coney Island. I like it except for the dreaded ozone note...
    I still have not tried Silver Factory...
    The Saks frags I thought were boring.

    So FWIW, thats my take on Bond.
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    Default Re: Bond...


    (and anyone who says Ralph Lauren Purple Label is the same thing is a lying son of a B. That's right, I'm using harsh letters.)
    I'm not sure why there's 2 Bond threads, but I'll post this is both...

    Sure Chez Bond and Hamptons are precise rip-offs of Creed's 2 best sellers, but what else is a rip-off of Creed? You could make the argument that Wall Street is a rip-off of Millesime Imperial (Creed's 3rd best seller), but if you tested them side-by-side you'll realize that sea kale is not the same note as watermelon, not even close.

    While I love Creed (GIT, MI, BdP, Selection Verte), Bond No.9 makes more modern scents, and the scents which they didn't rip off of other houses are original and magnificent. I'd like to hear anyone name the Creed counterpart to Bleecker Street, Eau de New York, Silver Factor, West Side, Little Italy, or Chinatown.

    In general (not counting the counterfeits), Bond No.9 is far more modern smelling than Creed. And while I don't mind smelling like an old man once in a while with Bois du Portugal (a damn good smelling old man), as a 20 year old I can appreciate the modern youthful energy that Bond No.9 has to offer.

    And for Bond being more expensive, I say they're cheaper. Whoever is reading this, you're itching to disagree with me! Here's my rationale. Creed has amazingly high quality natural ingredients, and thus has a short shelf life and is prone to spoilage, "turning" if you will. Therefore, you would need to buy a bottle of Creed at retail price to ensure a fresh bottle. At retail price, a 1.0 oz bottle of Creed from Neiman Marcus is $110.

    If you ever bought a Bond at retail price, I would say that you are clinically insane. For whatever reason, Bond No.9 has consistency across bottles and is not nearly as prone to spoilage (I've never heard anyone say that their Bond bottle "turned"). Maybe this is due to lower quality ingredients than Creed, or more synthetics, who knows. Also, Bond No.9 has not been counterfeited, because the bottles are difficult to replicate and because fakers know that they'll make way more money with fake SMWs or Acqua di Gio. So you can safely buy a bottle of Bond No.9 off of eBay without worrying about any of those things. Typically, a 3.3 oz bottle of Bond will cost between $75 and $110 on eBay.

    So you could have 3.3 oz Chez Bond or 1.0 oz Green Irish Tweed, for $110. They are the exact same thing, so which is actually more expensive?
    Let's say you go by eBay prices, where a 4.0 oz of Creed is around $100. You could buy a 4.0 oz bottle of GIT or a 3.3 oz bottle of Chez Bond for the same price, with the Creed being slightly cheaper per ml. However, you have to worry about freshness, counterfeiting, variability between bottles.

    So you see, you're better off getting Chez Bond and Hamptons than GIT and SMW. You can't compare any other Bond frags with other Creed frags though, it's apples and oranges after those two rip-offs. I'm not saying it's right for Bond No.9 to plagiarize off of Creed's best sellers; it isn't. However, ordering a Bond gives you piece of mind, while ordering Creed is constant worry. I just bought a Creed tester off of eBay, and I'm very scared about it's freshness and variability...

    It's only expensive if you're not smart enough to find a deal...
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