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    Default Hugh Parsons 99 Regent Street

    Does anyone know of any stores that carry 99 Regent St? Barneys used to, but I went in there the other day, and they don't anymore. I know you can buy it over the Net, but I have had mixed results, to say the least, with web purchases, and I was wondering if anyone knows of a national chain that actually has it.

    Also, any thoughts on this fragrance? I really like Hugh Parsons Blue, and wanted to go back to 99 Regent St. and give it another shot.

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    Default Re: Hugh Parsons 99 Regent Street

    Nordstroms should carry it. I bought a bottle there about 3 months ago.

    Great scent by the way! Has a definite Creed vibe to it.

    I also own Blue and like 99 Regent Street better.

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