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    Wink Nautica Sunset Voyage

    Has anyone smelled htis variation of the original which btw. is stellar.. the juice ins orange instead of blue. the description states a blend of citrus and floral reminiscent of a warm summer breeze.. any takers

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    I saw this on eBay...I do have and like the original. Would like to sample this if I can find it for less.
    For the ladies, I did see My Voyage...interesting name to say the least...
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    I rather liked Nautica Competition. When voyage came out, I initially liked it because there was reminents of competition in the drydown. I just couldn't suffer through the sickly sweet aquatics of the top and middle notes to get there. Please Nautica, come out with something else.

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    I thoroughly tested each one today. The sunset version it citrusy in the top notes but fickles out to a watery, ozone vibe. The oringinal voyage is far better and clearly the better choice.

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    OMG! I tested this on paper first, smelling something so transparent and citrusy and brely there. I decided to test it on skin. It developed a little more pronounced, but I started catching notes freaking the hell out of me. I started smelling a pronounced note of coriander followed by fennel. I thought I was smelling the makings of a marinade for poultry or fish. Strange enough to keep me fixated on it, but too much so to think I could wear this.

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